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Rosie DiManno coming out on the right side of the Tamil struggle.

Thomas Walkom's lame column: Tangled theology of terrorism  - Since when Rosie DiManno make more sense than Walkom?

Terrorism is a tactic, not an end. Throughout history, armed groups – from the Jewish Irgun in British-controlled Palestine to Nelson Mandela's African National Congress in South Africa to Hamas in Gaza – have employed terror.
Sorting out right from wrong in the decades-old Sri Lankan civil war is an impossible task. Both sides have committed atrocities. The LTTE, which invented the modern practice of suicide bombing, is criticized by Amnesty International for recruiting of child soldiers.
Here in Toronto, I sense that most public and media sympathy is with the Tamils. And why not? War is horrible. But we should understand that the alternative to Sri Lanka's civil war is another attempt at some kind of negotiated settlement with terrorists. That doesn't bother me. But it will bother those who are theological about such matters.

"Doesn't bother me," eh?  That's a strange formulation.  I'm also flabbergasted by his guess that "most public and media sympathic is with the Tamils"...  There was no media coverage, let alone sympathy, until very recently.  The Star's been pretty good so far though, other than in their unsigned editorials, but who reads these?

Ontario Liberals worry of losing Tamil-heavy ridings to the NDP

As protesters rallied at Queen's Park, the Tamils' plight dominated the weekly Liberal caucus meeting, with MPPs urging Premier Dalton McGuinty to support a politically loyal community.

Behind closed doors Tuesday, MPP after MPP reminded the premier that the 200,000-strong Tamil community has long backed the Liberals, voting en masse and volunteering in campaigns.

"If we're not careful, there are at least five ridings we could lose if the Tamils go over to the NDP. ... They work very hard for us," warned one MPP.

McGuinty urges Ottawa to act on Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan shelling of hospital kills 50 as aides hide in bunkers

Tamil rally spills into streets

Thousands of defiant Tamils and their supporters once again clogged downtown roads and brought traffic to a standstill as a daylong protest spilled into the streets from Queen's Park late yesterday.

And for the first time, signs of blatant anti-Tamil sentiments emerged in the form of an aircraft that circled the Legislature for 20 minutes dragging a sign that read: "Protect Canada Stop Tamil Tigers!"

The message incensed the large crowd and gave the police some tense minutes just before 4 p.m.

"It's not a smart thing to do," said Staff Insp. Don Campbell of the circling aircraft. "All it's doing is fuelling the crowd. It's inciting them."

About 60 anti-Tamil protesters on a footbridge spanning the Don Valley Parkway north of Gerrard St. held a similar banner in the evening. They said a wealthy local Sinhalese who wants to remain anonymous paid for the airplane and the two banners, but they denied links to the Sri Lankan government.

Tamil protest winds down peacefully and some Toronto Sinhalese start stirring shit up:

Members of Toronto's Sri Lankan community used a banner pulled behind a plane in the sky and a banner and placards over the Don Valley Parkway today to express their fear the Tamil community will bring Tamil Tiger violence to Canada.

"We want Toronto to be safe. The Tamil Tigers are controlling the Sri Lankan community in Canada and their agenda is the only one being heard. We feel we are being controlled," said Kumar Gunasekera, one of about 50 people who waved placards and hung a banner over the Don Valley footbridge to Riverdale during this evening's rush hour.

The airplane pulling another banner circled over the huge Queen's Park demonstration, enraging the protesters crowded there. The banners read: "Protect Canada - Stop the Tamil Tigers." The demonstrators at the Don Valley bridge said they represent more than 50,000, until now, silent Sinhalese Canadians. "What should be of real concern is the 1,000 cadres of Tamil Tigers in the GTA and the violence we have yet to see here," he added.

The bridge demonstrators were members of the Sri Lankan Youth of Canada and the Sir Lankan United National Association.They said today's airplane message was paid for by private citizens, and neither the Sri Lankan government nor consulate in Toronto. "We only hear one side of the story and it is the Tamil agenda," said Eranga De-Zoysa, a Ryerson architectural science student."They have ruined their motherland and now that Canada has offered them shelter they are ruining it here," added his mother Badra De-Zoysa.

The banners and placards urged Canadians to not accept the Tamil Tiger agenda and not cave into terrorism.

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Chantal Hébert on the same-sex marriage vote:

Still, Harper has earned a place in the history books for his efforts this week.
Harper became the first post-war Prime Minister to ask the Commons to consider taking away the rights of a Canadian minority.

She doesn't chew words on Dion either:
Over the course of his leadership campaign, Dion had argued that the Liberal approach of allowing rights to be subject to free votes was unacceptable.

But faced this week with a choice between backing off and enduring the first internal crisis of his short leadership tenure, Dion opted to once again leave his members free to choose, explaining that a motion did not require the same dose of party discipline as a full-fledged piece of legislation.
Under Dion's two predecessors, a federal party that takes pride of ownership of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has treated it like a pull-down menu, allowing its MPs to pick and choose where they stood on gay rights.
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Les conservateurs amassent des millions [, will post English version when someone publishes it.]

So far this year, the Conservatives have raised $13,3 million, the Liberals $4,1 million and the NDP $2,8 million. The Conservatives, like the NDP, have good experience raising multiple small contributions, whereas the Liberals were more reliant on fewer, larger donations. I don't know if Liberal leadership donations are counted in the Liberal total or not, but whichever way, the total annual limit a contributor is allowed to give a party includes leadership race donations, so people who have donated the maximum contribution to a leadership candidate this year cannot give to the party as well. I *hope* for the Liberals that that explains a part of the lopsided income, compared to the Conservatives.

The parties also rely for their income on $1,75 per year per vote gathered in the last election.

(Sorry for the multiple postings today, there's just a lot of stuff to talk about...)
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Did he or did he not call her a dog?  Do we or do we not care?  Although I must say I enjoy the parallels that the Liberals have made from this remark to funding cuts for Status of Women.
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Jim Karygiannis resigns as national campaign manager for Joe Volpe over difference of opinion on Lebanon, [] Volpe strongly supporting Israel.

This is quite an interesting development. I can't find any positions on Ignatieff's site. Bob Rae calls for peacekeepers on the border, but we all know what issue he quite the NDP over...
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PMO muzzles MPs on gay Mountie union

You know, I'd rather have a social conservative PM that would openly attack people's lifestyles rather than go in backhanded ways like tax increases and cancellation of climate change programs. At least that way the electorate would be engaged in the political debates.

I spent the entire weekend in Montréal telling people that I don't see how the Liberals and the NDP are going to stop Harper gaining a majority. I just don't see it. The Libs are aimless until they get a leader, and even then, who will it be? I think Bob Rae would be the most skilled, but then again he could lose them Ontario. Who knows? I don't think Michael Ignatieff knows much about tactics, but he seems like a vision guy, which is very important.

As for the NDP, they're running on pure tactics and no vision.

Harper, on the other hand, seems to know exactly where he's going. He might be overreaching a bit, but at least he's reaching for something.
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From the CBC profiles of Liberal leadership candidates:

As a Liberal MP, Godfrey co-sponsored a protest private member's bill in 1996 as a response to the American Helms-Burton Act. The U.S. law set up punishments on any business or person that profited from the seizure of property from American businesses and people during the 1950s Cuban Revolution, including a number of Canadian companies. The Godfrey-Milliken Bill was a tongue-in-cheek analogy of the bill, calling for Canadian descendents of United Empire Loyalists (Godfrey among them) who fled the American Revolution to be able to reclaim land and property that was confiscated by the U.S. government.



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