"Every mile is two in winter."

Feb. 22nd, 2019 03:44 am
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As is the usual way of things, posting here about being sick meant I was shortly to be past the worst of it. Tuesday I felt pretty decent and Wednesday I felt great. I slept! I got housework done! I went to PT! I took Kit to speech therapy! I shoveled snow! (My arms and shoulders are doing great and I wasn't even slightly sore the next day.) I had lovely smoochy times with J! He was a little sniffly but we assumed he was fighting off the same bug X and I had had.

Now I'm a little sniffly. And sneezy. And disproportionately tired...


But it's just a little cold, nothing nearly as bad as the flu-like thing that wrecked me for the past week. I didn't go to the office yesterday because I don't want to be a plague carrier, but I got work done from home, and J and I even took a leisurely walk in the not-too-chilly evening air. I was sad to miss the nice daytime weather, the likes of which we will not see again for a couple of weeks, but the walk was a decent consolation prize. And the kosher bakery was open late, so we got jam cookies and hamantaschen and bourekas ("for tomorrow's boureka-fast", we always say, because we find ourselves very funny).

I got more housework things done today, including folding all the laundry and entirely clearing off the dining table, and the house cleaners came, so the main area of the house looks great. The Shabbat candles are burning, the machines are quiet, the cats are mostly not being jerks, the humans are mostly asleep. It's very peaceful. I'm thinking of putting on a low-key TV show or movie and doing some cross-stitch or knitting for the first time in ages. It'd all be even nicer if my body didn't have that lingering bleh feeling of being sick, but it's still pretty nice, and pretty nice things have been scarce around here lately, so I will take it.

EDIT: I got out my knitting, but I think I am too tired to knit, so i'm going to go sleep a lot.

I'm a free brain, baby

Feb. 23rd, 2019 01:29 pm
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I'm off my meds. I am a free-range brain. It is strange and a little unsettling, like the floorboards of my mind are creaking underfoot but holding steady for the moment.

Cutting for talk of roadkill type car accident with animal harm.
We're okay but the marsupial ain't )

Brief Media Review:

Eps 1-3 of ST Discovery S2
spoilers are mysterious red lights )

Tidelands S1
Which, if this didn't make it to shores outside Australia, is kind of a paranormal mystery story? IDK. This is the imdb summary:
After an ex-con returns to her fishing village, a dead body leads her to uncover the secrets of the town and its half-siren, half-human residents.

Spoilers are too glamorous to get sand in their crack )

Sirens S1 Episodes 1-4
Spoilers are drinking a herring smoothie )

So many mermaids this summer. It's great.

Black Cap Winter - Anne-Marie Turza

Feb. 22nd, 2019 06:36 pm
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In the sea are lobsters, long in body as two tall men,
alive one hundred years. And a church bell meant for an island,

never steeple-rung, sunk with the Genevieve and all hands.
No one asks what I believe. And I would not say very loudly:

I believe in ice, in ice only. It's true,
there is no kind of original earthworm in this country,

all were ice-killed. The old glaciers,
million-ton frontal planes culling millennial topsoil.

Do twelve-foot lobsters seem not as improbable as gods?
Feelers in lengthy syncopation, eyes

deep occupied manholes.
Here one can live at any dark system's edge -

underwater canyons, sewers, storms, stars-
know little about, and die of it, being old.

Terminal winter, our skulls painted with coal dust.
A bell blessed in the ship's punched hull, plunging down.

the [community profile] 100fandoms prompt table

Feb. 22nd, 2019 05:13 pm
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(I am going to CHEAT and use pre-existing fics because the mod said it was OK, lol. Also doing that still doesn't add up to a lot in my case of course, DOUBLE fucking lol. sigh.)

Prompts table )

Fills )

Card game from my dream last night

Feb. 23rd, 2019 08:56 am
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Everyone is handed the same number of cards to start with. Every turn, you place a card on the pile or pick up from the deck. You can place a card on the previous one if it's the same suit or the next number in sequence. The winner is the first person to clear their hand.

The thing that makes it special is the deck, which is a combination of every card the group has: regular playing cards, tarot cards, business cards, cards from novelty games, whatever. And the way you match cards from differing decks is by convincing the rest of the group of your logic(*). There's obvious things like placing the seven of cups on the six of hearts. But then someone follows that with a business card for a winery because cups are the same suit as wine.

I think this would likely only work in a situation like my dream, where a group of friends aren't really trying to win. Also the people in my dream were artists of various sorts who had been playing this game for years, so had a variety of interesting cards to hand.

Since you can tell what deck cards come from by their back, you can use that to try to make things harder for the next player.

In my dream there wasn't anything like 'reverse the order"/"make the next person pick up" etc because it would be hard to make consistent. But on further thought, you could use those kinds of cards if they already existed in whatever decks you were using, and you'd just have to come up with an argument for what the effect was in this context, eg "this is a card from the Marrying Mr Darcy card game that says I should to discard my top reputation card, but I don't have any, so it has no effect".

Also probably some rule like...if a card is so hard to match that everyone ends up having to draw, it's replaced with the top card from the draw pile.

This game is heavily inspired by Bartok, which I played a lot in my uni's scifi club. Also maybe some story I'm not quite remembering...

(*)I never found out the failure condition for this in my dream, because everyone let even the flimsiest arguments slide and just laughed.

Volunteer social thread #87

Feb. 23rd, 2019 01:36 am
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Another day, another extortion email. The first one was funny, the seventh one... not so much.

What have you all been up to?
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My fannish joy for the day: "New Fruits Basket Anime's Teaser Promo Video Previews Japanese Voices for Yuki, Kyo, Shigure". [ANN]

It tells you absolutely nothing about the story, but it's a glimpse (what's the auditory equivalent?) of the main actors' performances. ^_^

What I said else-net: "For a second I thought, 'I am disproportionately happy about the fact that they're using honorifics in the subtitle script', because I might actually have cried if they hadn't...and then I remembered the original anime's English subtitle script making Hatsuharu refer to 'Brother Tori' when he says 'Tori-nii'. So actually, I feel okay about my degree of relief.

('BROTHER TORI.' *facepalming forever*)"

(Other) Fannish/Geeky Things

"Watch Live as Captain Marvel's Goose Actor Does Cat Things on YouTube". [io9] (The livestream is long over, but the video's still fun!)

We're getting a Peggy Carter action figure!


"Women weren't excluded from early science fiction: they were erased". [Boing Boing]

"The Status Quo Does Not Need World Building". [Kate Elliott at Tor.com, 2013]

"How Could I Forget the Liberating Weirdness of Madeleine L’Engle?" [Tor.com, 2018]

"20 Truths from 20 Years of Editing".

"The Dos And Don’ts Of Pseudonyms And Author Personas". [March 2018, in response to a then-unfolding fiasco] "Many of the repeat questions I get in the Big Damn Writers’ Question Box are about pseudonyms. Why do you need one, how do you pick one, how do you hide your tracks if you need to? It has never occurred to me to ask the question, “Where is the line with regards to an author persona, and a pseudonym?” So, I’m going to go ahead and lay out what should be common sense when building your author brand."

"I'm A Teenager And I Don't Like Young Adult Novels. Here's Why". [Huffington Post, 2017] (I've read this before, but it's a good, if unsurprising, read.)


Seen all over: "The Modern Trap of Turning Hobbies Into Hustles".

"Roast Chicken Tournament Crowns The Best Recipe Ever: Eight famous roast chicken recipes go head to head in a single-elimination, bracket-style tournament. Like March Madness. Only, with poultry. In October". [Buzzfeed, 2013]

"Mural is Purposely Painted Upside Down to Reflect Right Side Up in the Water".

Via [personal profile] kore, two pieces by Tessa Miller: "Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness" and "Sick, Again" [2017; includes some traumatic medical stuff].

Via [personal profile] kate_nepveu, "The Clandestine Cultural Knowledge of Ancient Graffiti: Today we are used to thinking of graffiti as subversive or illegal, but ancient people didn’t necessarily see graffiti in this way at all".
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I was inspired by [community profile] 100fandoms which is very chill and fun! This is just a literal drabble but it's the first thing I've written in MONTHS, (ETA no ALL THIS YEAR, wow I am even more pathetic than I thought. Just limping along....) I'm kind of pathetically excited, lol.

Read it here or at AO3. Based on the Captain Marvel trailers so far.

No real spoilers, cut just in case )

(While researching slang I found this link: "My Lt. is a cat"! Awww.)
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What's that? XP on the hoof!

(after another interminable cut scene with action in it) I SHOULD BE DOING THIS

Sora! Sora! Sora? SORA!!! Sora. SORA! (Yes, I named the cat after the main character of Kingdom Hearts. He's hiding in our bedroom, probably wondering why Toby's screaming his name all the time.)

Eee. Ah. Uh. Hit the chest.

🎶 Stealing your stuff. 🎶

(Donald: Do we have to go there?) YES. WE DO. BECAUSE YOU COMPLAINED.

I LOVE INVISIBLE WALLS said nobody ever.

This smells like a cut scene.

(Hitting an unskippable minigame) Seriously? You gonna make me do this right now? Well, I'm gonna smash your shit. Fuck your town. Fuck your sewers.

There's a kid, a duck, and a dog running around smashing everything in town. Why is no one panicking?

(upon finding YET ANOTHER MINIGAME) Oh jeezus it's Cooking Mama.

I don't know why I'm picking the controller up. There's going to be another cut scene. You can quote me on that. (spoiler: it wasn't a cut scene, but it went to the Design the Gummiship minigame instead of plot.)


We have both been sick and are now just starting to feel human again. More later. Maybe.

(no subject)

Feb. 22nd, 2019 04:36 pm
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Good takes on Youtube:

Angie Speaks talks about how social justice mechanisms can be gamed by people cynically accumulating clout and social capital.

Sarah Z talks about how callouts and "cancel culture" disproportionately affect diverse content creators and diverse media.

britpicking bleg

Feb. 22nd, 2019 05:15 pm
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Help I have to make a narrative/setting decision and I'm stuck. If I have some twenty-something English kids going to a small art exhibition in Soho in the late 1980s, and I want to have them also go to a park, does it make most sense for me to send them to Regent's Park, Hyde Park or St. James Park? Can either be for lunch in the afternoon or later at night. Nature personification deities are involved, so location/resonance matters.

More eye surgery prep

Feb. 22nd, 2019 04:50 pm
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I have just had (and I hope resolved) an unfortunately exciting batch of phone calls. I was discussing the plans for the eye surgery, and specifically for practicing with the drops, in email with [personal profile] rysmiel. That led me to check my instructions, and discover I am supposed to be taking _three_ kinds of eye drop with me on Wednesday. Of which I have two. After multiple conversations with Dr Lazzara's office and the pharmacy, he is going to leave some free samples at the front desk of the Arlington office for me to pick up on Monday.

This is all left over from discovering that this prescription isn't covered by my insurance, and the pharmacy confusing me about whether I needed a discount card from the drug manufacturer. When I mentioned that they were going to be sending me a discount card the clerk said that the copay on the ones they were giving me was "reasonable" (by American standards), which led to me paying for two kinds of eye drops, putting them in the cabinet, and not thinking about it, until @rysmiel asked. The *pre*-surgical instructions are to use one kind four times a day, and the other once a day; the paperwork I hadn't looked at recently tells me to bring all three with me, after instructions including that I should wash my hair the night before and that I can have a light meal the morning of the surgery.
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okay so -- ego depletion is, broadly, the idea that self-control is a finite resource and if you do a thing that takes a lot of self-control you will have less of it left for subsequent tasks within [time-frame]; a recent-ish replication study found that it's not actually an effect that... exists.

what I am curious about, and lacking (ha) the focus etc to track down for myself, is: how does this conception of self-control interact with issues of decision fatigue and executive dysfunction? is self-control being formulated as meaningfully distinct from decision-making?

thank you in advance for indulging my idle curiosity <3

Friday KatMari

Feb. 22nd, 2019 01:47 pm
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Yes, I am still at it. While in Mariposa I mentioned it to my parents, who watched a few episodes and promptly tidied up some of their stuff, donating clothes and watching videos on how to fold vertically.

As always, please no negativity in comments. Cut for photos of bookcases and cats.

Here is a shot of my kitchen from a month or so ago.

Untidy kitchen with bookshelves and cat in box

Here is my kitchen today. (Still need a new table and chair. That is way overdue.)

Moderately tidy kitchen with bookshelves and cat

Here is my memoir bookcase, with Jewish, Chinese, and oversize books on top. (Some overflow memoirs are elsewhere.) You can tell when categories change because the alphabet-by-author starts over from the beginning. It goes something like: My Happy Childhood, My Funny Family, I Love My Family, My Fucked-Up Childhood, My Mental Illness, I Loved Someone Who Died, My Exciting Experience, My Exciting Hobby, My Showbiz Career (Dance, Music, Acting, Directing, Writing), I Live Somewhere Cool, My Civilian Wartime Experience, Let Me Tell You About Religion.

Neat bookshelves of memoirs

Here is my food bookcase, with Japanese books on top. They're ordered more by size than by category, but the categories are How to Cook, I Like to Cook, I Like to Eat, Regional Food Is The Best.

Neat bookshelves of cookbooks and food writing

That explains that.

Feb. 22nd, 2019 03:21 pm
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I figured out why I wasn't getting comments. It's because somehow my email notifications of comments got disabled.

Reading comments and replying now! So now a bunch of you will get inexplicable responses to queries you had long forgotten about.

Emma in Winter, by Penelope Farmer

Feb. 22nd, 2019 12:04 pm
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This is a sequel to The Summer Birds, in which a group of children learn to fly, among them the sisters Charlotte and Emma Makepeace.

It’s now winter, and none of them can fly anymore. Charlotte is away at boarding school, and Emma is rattling around Aviary Hall, lonely and unhappy. Meanwhile, fat and clumsy Bobby Fumpkins, who once flew but was always the straggler vainly trying to be a welcomed member of the group, is also lonely, eating to soothe his unhappiness without recognizing that’s what he’s doing. Emma, like the other kids, is casually mean to him, lashing out at others (not just him) to soothe her unhappiness without recognizing that that’s what she’s doing.

Bobby and Emma begin to share a strange dream, in which they fly every night over a mysterious and shifting landscape. Their shared efforts to understand what’s happening and why lead a prickly but very real friendship, which in turn leads to emotional growth and the beginnings of maturity.

I was waiting with some dread for Bobby to learn not to eat to soothe himself and so slim down as a symbol of his maturing. Neither happens, though he does develop a better relationship with food in other ways – rather than just eating compulsively and alone, he discovers that food can also be used to emotionally bond with others. This comes to a lovely understated climax when he’s unhappy, automatically grabs some peppermints, and gives one to Emma before popping the other in his mouth.

The beginning of the book is rough going due to the realistic depiction of being twelve and miserable and doing things that only make it worse for yourself and others. Once Emma and Bobby make friends, it’s much more enjoyable reading, though its pleasures are the homey ones of friends and self-discovery rather than the transcendence of flight. Their dream-flights are strange and a bit abstract; they're atmospheric but the payoff didn’t 100% work for me as the emotional weight felt like it should be on something else.

Read more... )

Not as transcendent as The Summer Birds but still interesting and worthwhile.

Emma in Winter

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I depose that the week in which it was revealed that Charles Dickens tried to get his (sane but inconvenient) wife committed to a lunatic asylum is not the week to hymn 'family life [as] the most successful form of social security the world has ever known'.

The guy is getting his head handed to him fairly comprehensively on Twitter, but really. The ignorance.

Quite apart from the whole noxious gender aspect - I think the response would have been rather different had it been a middle-aged son as carer for an elderly mother, which is not unknown, in fact the situation of one of my cousins, who had his own health problems at the time.

Social welfare systems are not some mimsy-whimsy snowflakey thing that we've only just discovered and put in place, some form of social welfare has been around in this country since the early modern period at least.

And people weren't necessarily cherishing their Olds in the family home: they were going to the parish authorities and asking to have them put in the workhouse. In particular, I may add, if the Olds were fathers/fathers-in-law, because I recall from Book I Reviewed Some Considerable While Ago (I think it was Wally Seccombe, Weathering the Storm: Working-Class Families from the Industrial Revolution to the Fertility Decline, 1995, but wouldn't entirely swear to it) because aged women could still be useful around the house, doing a little light childminding or domestic tasks, whereas the men were pretty much just a burden.

Plus all the various philanthropic provisions that were put in place, so that people weren't entirely dependent on their families, supposing they had a family. E.g., I remark, the Foundling Hospital, set up by Jonas Hanway after seeing so many infants abandoned by unwed mothers cast out by their families (such successful. so social welfare. much security.).


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