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I took a picture of a zine cover. Edited it in my phone's default photo-editing app (Android Gallery). Went to the new Great Worm site in my mobile browser. Uploaded the picture to the zine's profile. The site automagickally created thumbnails and various sized versions. I saved, and it ALL WENT LIVE INSTANTLY.

There isn't anything groundbreaking about this technology. Except that I BUILT THIS MESELF. And it's going to save me MILLIONS OF YEARS OF MY LIFE. Because that's how long I'll be selling zines for, bitches.

I have waited (and procrastinated for) 14 years to be able to do this. This sleeper has awaken, big time. I am back to having a live zine distro website. I'm going to be slaying this. Whoop whoop.
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So I had an interesting discussion on the phone tonight... My friend L has been training/working as a career-type coach thing for over a year now. She was taking some other training this weekend so she enlisted me to be her guinea pig.

I've never done any coach thing with her and I didn't feel a particular need for coaching, so it started slowly, but over the course of 50 minutes I was able to re-surface and verbalize thoughts that I have had over the last few years:

1) I enjoy solving intellectually, technically challenging problems.
2) I enjoy helping other people solve their problems, more than solving my own.
3) I'm interested in working with other people more than I'm interested in working for myself, for my own sake.
4) Ruby on Rails is a toolset that I am learning in order to be able to tackle a specific set of problems. Eventally, either there won't be satisfying problems that I will want to solve with Rails, I'll find a better toolset, or Rails will just become deprecated. At that point I will let go of Rails. But right now it's a toolset to work on 1-3.

So that's kind of why I'm learning RoR now, and I have guidelines for when I'll outgrow it, or something. I feel better about that.
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Can someone explain to me why sites like LJ, Dreamwidth, Blogspot, Wordpress, etc. don't have an updates counter like Facebook has on its top bar, with an easy way to click to load the updates without loading an inbox page? It's such a game-changer, they really should work on that. I mean they both have an inbox, but you have to mark messages as read, delete them or whatever. Bring on the AJAX and jQuery peeps, we've entered the 'teens 3 years ago. This ain't 2001 anymore.

I am so designing my own BBS software sooner than later. Seriously, Facebook is the first platform that really brought back the New Message Scan that BBSes had in a meaningful way, except improved. If I had sat down and learned some scripting language in the mid-aughts, I might be a billionnaire today! (Likely PHP, like Facebook).

Barring that, I've dived back into Rub on Rails yesterday, and restarted development on the Great Worm website. Yesterday was an extra day off from work, and starting this week I have scaled down my work to 3 days a week. This week I'll be using my extra time off to work on a lucrative translation contract, but after that I'll be back to Rails... Pretty excited about that.
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Screw you split zines, you bloody corner case forcing me to complexify my data model for Great Worm. Goddamn you.

Also! The Micrososm! Blog! has so many! Exclamation marks! I dislike their childish exuberance.

I mention Microcosm because when their awesome site came out, I was kicking myself for not learning a scripting language earlier and building that kind of site myself. It included lots of ideas that had been simmering in my head for a while. My target for the new Great Worm website (codename: sandworm) is first to equal, and then to surpass the Microcosm site. Eventually, it will be a full-blown catalogue, shopping cart, inventory-management platform for the whole business. The idea is that I want the website to handle as many of the repetitive tasks as it can so I can focus on the fun part of running a zine distro, and then either keep it as a much more efficient hobby, or grow it into a larger business. However I don't intend on running Great Worm full time; I want to build systems, not run them. I might eventually hand over Great Worm to someone else if it becomes successful enough. I also have other ideas like providing hosting on the Sandworm platform for other distros... (Not to make money, but to give my tools to other zine distributors to help them sell zines online (and manage their inventories!) more easily.

*** ETA: To hell with split zines for now, I'll deal with that later...

*** ETAA: Ohhhh polymorphic associations. That solves one problem... I swear when I'm done with sandworm I'll be as knowledgeable about Rails as one can be. I'm creating all kinds of problems that need different solutions...
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I think half the reason I got a RailsCasts Pro account is to hear more of Ryan Bates' soothing voice.
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As you may have read elsewhere, I'm finally seriously diving in Ruby on Rails. I've meant to do this for over three years but now I'm really going in. I've started to re-develop the Great Worm Express Distro site as an experimental project. (I'll post the link to the beta as soon as it's somewhat useable.) I already post too many articles on Facebook so I've decided that I'll be posting my rants and raves about Rails here. Woop!


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