Sep. 20th, 2012

frandroid: YPG logo, Syrian Kurdish defense forces (great worm)
Screw you split zines, you bloody corner case forcing me to complexify my data model for Great Worm. Goddamn you.

Also! The Micrososm! Blog! has so many! Exclamation marks! I dislike their childish exuberance.

I mention Microcosm because when their awesome site came out, I was kicking myself for not learning a scripting language earlier and building that kind of site myself. It included lots of ideas that had been simmering in my head for a while. My target for the new Great Worm website (codename: sandworm) is first to equal, and then to surpass the Microcosm site. Eventually, it will be a full-blown catalogue, shopping cart, inventory-management platform for the whole business. The idea is that I want the website to handle as many of the repetitive tasks as it can so I can focus on the fun part of running a zine distro, and then either keep it as a much more efficient hobby, or grow it into a larger business. However I don't intend on running Great Worm full time; I want to build systems, not run them. I might eventually hand over Great Worm to someone else if it becomes successful enough. I also have other ideas like providing hosting on the Sandworm platform for other distros... (Not to make money, but to give my tools to other zine distributors to help them sell zines online (and manage their inventories!) more easily.

*** ETA: To hell with split zines for now, I'll deal with that later...

*** ETAA: Ohhhh polymorphic associations. That solves one problem... I swear when I'm done with sandworm I'll be as knowledgeable about Rails as one can be. I'm creating all kinds of problems that need different solutions...


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