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Can someone explain to me why sites like LJ, Dreamwidth, Blogspot, Wordpress, etc. don't have an updates counter like Facebook has on its top bar, with an easy way to click to load the updates without loading an inbox page? It's such a game-changer, they really should work on that. I mean they both have an inbox, but you have to mark messages as read, delete them or whatever. Bring on the AJAX and jQuery peeps, we've entered the 'teens 3 years ago. This ain't 2001 anymore.

I am so designing my own BBS software sooner than later. Seriously, Facebook is the first platform that really brought back the New Message Scan that BBSes had in a meaningful way, except improved. If I had sat down and learned some scripting language in the mid-aughts, I might be a billionnaire today! (Likely PHP, like Facebook).

Barring that, I've dived back into Rub on Rails yesterday, and restarted development on the Great Worm website. Yesterday was an extra day off from work, and starting this week I have scaled down my work to 3 days a week. This week I'll be using my extra time off to work on a lucrative translation contract, but after that I'll be back to Rails... Pretty excited about that.


Aug. 19th, 2010 10:51 am
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I just received a new bunch of invite codes for Dreamwidth. Who wants one?
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Poll #3197 Testing the polling on DW
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 5

Do you currently support the Habs?

Are you happy?

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3 (60.0%)

0 (0.0%)

Ask me again during the long weekend
2 (40.0%)

Which of the following colours represent you?

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3 (60.0%)

3 (60.0%)

2 (40.0%)

2 (40.0%)

Can anyone figure out what's the functional difference between a drop-box and radio-button poll question?

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3 (60.0%)

2 (40.0%)

What's the temperature in Kelvin right now?

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Mean: 290.50 Median: 288 Std. Dev 9.53
2730 (0.0%)
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2770 (0.0%)
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2811 (25.0%)
2831 (25.0%)
2850 (0.0%)
2870 (0.0%)
2890 (0.0%)
2910 (0.0%)
2931 (25.0%)
2950 (0.0%)
2970 (0.0%)
2990 (0.0%)
3010 (0.0%)
3030 (0.0%)
3051 (25.0%)
3080 (0.0%)
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I have two dreamwidth invites to give out. Dreamwidth is a livejournal clone which is getting a lot of buzz. If you use it, you can apparently migrate your entries, contacts and still be able to interact with your LJ peeps the way you currently do. While I haven't done that migration, I like what I've seen from it so far. The invites will go to the best two pictures posted in the comments by 9pm EST. (They don't have to be yours, although that might help you). Failing that, I'll go with first come, first serve. :P


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