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Alright, we have a carpool to Montréal for the Anarchist bookfair and we're only three people right now, after someone dropped off... We could use one or two more bodies. We're coming back either Monday during the day or Tuesday night. I have a preference for the latter but we'll see what happens. :) Including gas, I'm estimating a cost of $50 if we're four, or $40 if we're five people. Please save me from having to drag strangers off Craigslist into my rental :P
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Listening to an old Spitboy CD... They are as good as ever. Woman-fronted hardcore bands just rock.

Incidentally, I was sporting a Submission Hold t-shirt over the weekend when I went to the Toronto Anarchist Gathering, and a friend asked me: "Do you actually like Submission Hold, or do you just like the idea of it?" After admitting to liking the band, this friend told me she was in the latter camp, since she can't stand Jen's voice. I thought that was a hilarious idea, liking "the idea of a band" but not the band itself.

The Anarchist Gathering itself was a low-key but good affair. I missed most of the workshops, as I went later in the afternoon. A whole lot of people were attending the Indigeous solidarity workshop, which I decided to skip on to browse books instead. I bought books from the This Ain't the Rosedale Library table, but I haggled them down because they were trying to pass damaged/used/marked down books at retail prices. I bought a collection of Ulrike Meinhof's writing, amongst other things.

✮ ✮ ✮

I just noticed that the "tags" field in the LJ posting interface has an autocomplete feature, looking up your past tags. That's pretty cool. I wish my browser plugin with which I usually post with (Deepest Sender) would do that. I does allow me to browse my tags, though.

✮ ✮ ✮

I tweaked with the CSS today in typepad for my work blog and it was the most interesting thing I did all week. And I'm not bashing my work, I actually like doing CSS.

JOE!! If you're still swearing at CSS for the new tabnet setup, let me handle it!!!

✮ ✮ ✮

I've decided to make a weekly trip to the used CD store close to my place. I feel like I'm jumping back 10 years in time.
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This dude had a shave before having his press conference:

Civil servant arrested in government leak case is an anarchist, has helped open infoshop (The Star)
"He's also a drummer with the punk band The Suicide Pilots, which has an album called Rock Against Harper." (CBC)

Oh yeah. He says Harper sucks, his government is vengeful and is trying to intimidate civil servants. But you know. Anarchist in the news. That's the news.

*** ETA: He's a former OPIRG member, and also a member of Books to Prisoners! (nat'l post) This article has a fuller portrait of him.


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