Jul. 17th, 2018 02:07 am
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Black Sails is SO GOOD!! Just finished Season 3... Love the philosophizing between Silver and Flint so much. :)

I was perusing Wikipedia on Charles Vane, Woodes Rogers, Edward Teach, etc. today... So much of the actual or supposed history woven into the writing of the series, it's fun. (I must say I did not picture a bewigged Charles Vane though!! Zach McGowan has convinced me to grow my hair longer. Since I have a long beard, I'll have to decide whether I go Teach or Vane in the end... Maybe if I can make some slow-burning fuses??)

Now the only thing I'm asking is for in Season 4 is for Flint to get a little more gay, is that possible? Because Toby Stephens with that shaved head... UNF.
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So upon [personal profile] sabotabby's repeated references, I started watching Black Sails, and it's the absolute bomb. I mean I can't really hide my weakness for pirates. (See my collection of political theory books about piracy, and my obsession with the Monkey Island games...)

So I kept thinking I had seen Toby Stephens before; he reminds me a fair bit of Hugh Grant, but I knew it wasn't simply that. Then this morning as I was ruminating over that in the bathroom, it came back; he was starring as Danton in the play Danton's Death, which F and I had seen at the National Theatre in London. Other than being a handsome fella (the real Danton was ugly as fuck), he delivered a pretty awesome performance. We were sitting high up in the rafters but his performance still reached us.

Max's character is awesome but I find Jessica Parker Kennedy's French accent to be such a porny stereotype as to be distracting.

Zach McGowan's face (Captain Vane) reminders me of a former boss I've had, who was entertaining but rather creepy towards women... and minus the abtastic body of course.

Yet another series to kill my sleep... Damn you!
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Eric Margolis assesses the growing risk of war with Iran. Margolis is a right-winger but not a wingnut either. It's good food for thought anyway.

Pirates hijack UN food aid ship

So much for glorifying pirates. I also like the userpic I've seen around that has Jack Sparrow saying something along the lines of "What? The rum was made with slave labour?"


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