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Sri Lanka during Question Period on Monday, May 11:

Mr. Robert Oliphant (Don Valley West, Lib.): 
    Mr. Speaker, violence continues in Sri Lanka today while Tamil Canadians mourn death after death. Civilians are being massacred and Canada has failed to step up to the international plate. Yesterday the UN called this conflict a “bloodbath”, but the UN is still not allowed a role in securing safety for civilians.

    Specifically, what instructions has the government given to our UN ambassador and our high commissioner to aggressively pursue a ceasefire and to ensure an international humanitarian presence?

Hon. Bev Oda (Minister of International Cooperation, CPC):
    Mr. Speaker, our government has taken significant steps. We have continually asked for a ceasefire and unhindered access for humanitarian aid. We have increased our humanitarian aid support.

    I was in Sri Lanka last week. I gave instructions to our high commissioner there to diligently pursue the call for a ceasefire. We have engaged with the humanitarian organizations that are working there. We will continue to support the innocent civilian victims.

Hon. Albina Guarnieri (Mississauga East—Cooksville, Lib.): 
    Mr. Speaker, volunteers are today digging mass graves for Tamil women and children killed by Sri Lankan army shelling. Tens of thousands more have been herded into government detention camps where British television exposed horrific living conditions, murders, disappearances and rampant sexual abuse of women.

    I ask the government why it has been so late and so lame in the defence of women and children against this brutality.

Hon. Bev Oda (Minister of International Cooperation, CPC):
    Mr. Speaker, our government is very aware of the impact this is having on innocent women and children. That is why we have called for unhindered free access for humanitarian organizations, who are being kept out of the no-fire zone, who are being kept out of the refugee camps.

    We are taking significant steps and we are joining other concerned countries in the pressure we are applying for a ceasefire and help for the innocent victims.


Hon. Jack Layton (Toronto—Danforth, NDP):
    Mr. Speaker, the Sri Lankan civil war is rapidly becoming a bloodbath. This weekend, indiscriminate bombing has killed hundreds, perhaps even thousands of civilians, a hundred of them children, by reports we are hearing.

    Canada's 300,000 Tamils are calling, writing, appealing and are in the streets asking for our government to help.

    We simply cannot stand by and watch this slaughter continue. Will the Prime Minister or his senior government officials agree to meet with respected leaders of the Tamil community to discuss the crisis, and will he be in touch with the President of Sri Lanka to call a halt to the bloodbath?

Hon. Bev Oda (Minister of International Cooperation, CPC):
    Mr. Speaker, first let me commend the leader of the NDP for the help he gave in defusing the situation in the demonstrations yesterday in Toronto.

    We will continue to have discussions. Many of the government members have met with the Tamil community. We share their concerns. We will continue to dialogue with them. We will have meetings with any Tamil community representative who is not part of a terrorist organization.

    We are working to enhance the ability for members of the government at a senior level to meet with this community.


Statement by New Democrat Leader Jack Layton on Tamil protest in Toronto

Tamil-Canadians continue to protest to stop the violence in Sri Lanka. Last night, I worked with the Toronto Chief of Police, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Police Services Board and representatives from the Canadian Tamil Congress to ensure the safe conclusion of the protest that had blocked the Gardiner Expressway.

I have urged the Prime Minister to have officials meet with respected Tamil-Canadian leaders in Toronto to discuss how Canada can better work towards an end to violence in Sri Lanka. I repeat that call today.

New Democrats will also continue our call for the Prime Minister to apply diplomatic pressure on the Sri Lanka President to end the conflict and work with the UN Security Council towards a lasting peace process.

The ongoing protests have caught the attention of Canadians, the media and the opposition parties, yet the Prime Minister and his Conservative MPs still refuse to act. Too many women, men and children are already the casualties of violence in Sri Lanka. Canada must work to stop the violence now.

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U.S.-speculated Canadian "spy coin" was Poppy quarter

"filled with something man-made that looked like nano-technology"

The POINT of nano-technology is that you cannot see it. Duh!

They did look at the coin with a high-powered microscope, but still. So much for American intelligence! We're really under the radar here, we should exploit this situation­.

Help me find with a cheeky LJ tag for "intelligence".
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EU threatens Canada with visa war.

Amusingly, it's the completely opposite story of what's going on with the U.S.: whereas we're complaining that the U.S. is going to require us to have passport to walk in, in this case it's the E.U. that's complaining that we're still requiring people from 8 of the newest E.U. members to apply for visa to come to Canada. The E.U. wants us to drop the requirement, just like those countries had to drop requiring Canadians (and many other people, presumably) from applying for visas as part of their entry package in the E.U. If we don't drop the requirement, we might have to apply for visas to visit places like France and the U.K. I'm putting $20 on the E.U. winning this round.


Le Monde Diplomatique March 2007

Secrets and lies
By Ignacio Ramonet
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Two recent events bear witness to the prevailing schizophrenia. On 7
February representatives of most European governments assembled in Paris and solemnly signed a United Nations convention against enforced disappearances that prohibits secret detention (1). On 14 February the European parliament in Strasbourg adopted a report accusing the same governments of colluding with the United States Central Intelligence Agency in secret abduction operations.

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Harper veut acheter le Québec avec deux milliards de dollars []

So allegedly Harper has decided to make the Bloc an offer it can't refuse. Should the Bloc bring down the government budget on Kyoto concerns, Harper will have a good tool to bludgeon Duceppe with in Québec. If this goes forward, it will most probably guarantee Charest's re-election this spring. Look at how federalism works. Why yes, Harper buys an election now and cuts in services (or skimps on Kyoto, anyway) later in order to pay for the purchase.

It's kind of interesting because Harper would do this mostly with Alberta and Saskatchewan's money, actually, for the perequation part. If you let me take your money to buy off Québec, we will end up with a majority and we'll rule the country from Calgary.

Once this budget goes through, not only Charest but also McGuinty will have to admit that Harper fixed a problem that the Liberals created in 1995 when they gutted social programs. That's going to be some mighty support for the next election.

After I wrote my entry on simultaneous elections (which now makes even less sense), I was thinking that it would be just much cheaper to buy off the Bloc than the NDP, both economically and ideologically. The Bloc has conflicting interests that can be played off each other, whereas the NDP's conflicting interest is the Conservative Party.

This could work for Harper. Be watchful.
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Passports needed to fly to U.S. starting Jan. 23


I have always made a point to travel to the U.S. on my birth certificate, just because I could. Travelling on a passport means that you need to be a reputable Canadian, i.e. you need to have the approval of your two (or one?) approved professionals; the fact that you are born in this country is not sufficient anymore.

When I moved to Toronto from Vancouver and needed my passport (to go to France), this was a major pain in the ass for me as I did not know any bloody professionals for two years; I had arrived just a year prior. I finally managed to convince some people to sign for me, but still. I was born here, and I was not going to travel to Québec City to get my documents signed. But what if I just wasn't a sick person? What if I hadn't needed the services of a lawyer? What if I brushed my teeth every day and didn't need a dentist? What if I didn't go to university (which I hadn't, at the time) and didn't know any professors?

I.e., if you happen to be a healthy, working class person, it's harder for you to get a passport than if you are a higher-educated or higher-earning crook that just happens not to have been caught yet. I mean, there's something like a quarter or a third of Canadians that don't have a family doctor.

* * *

In an ironic way, this is going to make "terrorist" detection more difficult: If we follow the logic of racial/immigrant profiling, immigrants and second-generation Canadians are more likely to be terrorists. But being immigrants/2nd-gen, they are much more likely to carry a passport, since they are much more frequent overseas travellers than the average public. By making the passport mandatory, they are diluting the pool of people they have to profile from.
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From the CBC profiles of Liberal leadership candidates:

As a Liberal MP, Godfrey co-sponsored a protest private member's bill in 1996 as a response to the American Helms-Burton Act. The U.S. law set up punishments on any business or person that profited from the seizure of property from American businesses and people during the 1950s Cuban Revolution, including a number of Canadian companies. The Godfrey-Milliken Bill was a tongue-in-cheek analogy of the bill, calling for Canadian descendents of United Empire Loyalists (Godfrey among them) who fled the American Revolution to be able to reclaim land and property that was confiscated by the U.S. government.

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hot bangladeshi security forces

Pat Robertson strikes again: Kill Chavez! [via]

*** ETA: We don't do that kind of thing!!! --Rumsfeld, barely preventing himself from LOL [via]

Who Wants to be the Next Liberal Leader? Bob Rae tops poll in Ontario [via]. Wow. That came out of left field... (pun not intended. heh.) Highly interesting. Sounds definitely more credible than that Ignatieff brain sewage (brain drain... get it? okay, that wasn't great) whack job.

Léo-Paul Lauzon: Nationalisons le pétrole! [via] When the hell is that guy going to run for the NDP? He's the most prominent non-separatist socialist in the province. Well, not that prominent, but he can debate any motherfucker under the table and he swears more than I do.

De l'EPO dans l'urine d'armstrong en 1999 [via]
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Trenholme Counsell [claimed] that Trudeau "speaks to us through the charter", as heard while Senate is debating same-sex bill with "frankness":
(registration needed, and if you don't want to register, good god drop by, get a login, or even better, get their plugin! Not more registration woes!!)


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