Aug. 23rd, 2005

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There were many blond women with a similar physical description in the area, most of whom glared at media who scrutinized them on Monday. Other passersby swore at reporters and one man aggressively tried to photograph media.

Homolka frenzy continues

I'm starting to agree with Homolka's request for a court ban on reporting on her. How's she supposed to re-integrate if everywhere she's seen, throngs of media show up?

Then if she goes crazy, they'll feel all satisfied that they kept an eye on her. Good thing the Longueillois are sticking it up to the media.

Maybe we should organize a fake Homolka sighting in St. Catherines...
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NDP on the lumber conflict: Angus calls on the Martin government to seek a stronger dispute mechanism to prevent trade harassment without a case first having been made, and a declaration once and for all that Canada competes fairly in softwood.[from this press release]

David Orchard: A simple solution to U.S. bullying
Canada can pull out of free trade agreements and return to WTO without penalty [via, acquire login]

I know Layton would be wary to call for the end of NAFTA, and our promise during the last federal campaign was to renegociate it (and the WTO, too; bwahahaha), but Orchard makes a very good point that could be used later on by the NDP.

Developing story: Canada may retaliate with tariffs in softwood battle [via (!)] Oil would be an obvious target. AHEhAEh.
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hot bangladeshi security forces

Pat Robertson strikes again: Kill Chavez! [via]

*** ETA: We don't do that kind of thing!!! --Rumsfeld, barely preventing himself from LOL [via]

Who Wants to be the Next Liberal Leader? Bob Rae tops poll in Ontario [via]. Wow. That came out of left field... (pun not intended. heh.) Highly interesting. Sounds definitely more credible than that Ignatieff brain sewage (brain drain... get it? okay, that wasn't great) whack job.

Léo-Paul Lauzon: Nationalisons le pétrole! [via] When the hell is that guy going to run for the NDP? He's the most prominent non-separatist socialist in the province. Well, not that prominent, but he can debate any motherfucker under the table and he swears more than I do.

De l'EPO dans l'urine d'armstrong en 1999 [via]


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