Apr. 7th, 2006

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No Che t-shirts! It's from a conservative website, but I am strangely in love with the shirts, although not obviousy for the reasons they are being made in the first place.

The picture on the left is a particularly funny repurposing of the chick-with-gun genre, which is a mainstay of communist propaganda, including cuban propaganda.

I think that the chick is sporting an AK-47 or an American clone, which is like, the most famous communist-designed weapon ever.

The other right-wing t-shirts on this same site are quite hilarious too, although often inadvertantly.

If you look below this message, my location is listed as "Havana, Cuba". I entered that so that i could test this livejournal feature, but in the process I found out more about Google Maps. gmaps has this feature that if you enter a search term, it will first look for returns on it within the geographic area displayed on the screen. "Havana, Cuba" yielded many entries for restaurants named "Havana Cuba", so I decided to pinpoint the geographic area a bit, in order to give Google Maps a chance. Here's what I got.
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From the CBC profiles of Liberal leadership candidates:

As a Liberal MP, Godfrey co-sponsored a protest private member's bill in 1996 as a response to the American Helms-Burton Act. The U.S. law set up punishments on any business or person that profited from the seizure of property from American businesses and people during the 1950s Cuban Revolution, including a number of Canadian companies. The Godfrey-Milliken Bill was a tongue-in-cheek analogy of the bill, calling for Canadian descendents of United Empire Loyalists (Godfrey among them) who fled the American Revolution to be able to reclaim land and property that was confiscated by the U.S. government.



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