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I took a picture of a zine cover. Edited it in my phone's default photo-editing app (Android Gallery). Went to the new Great Worm site in my mobile browser. Uploaded the picture to the zine's profile. The site automagickally created thumbnails and various sized versions. I saved, and it ALL WENT LIVE INSTANTLY.

There isn't anything groundbreaking about this technology. Except that I BUILT THIS MESELF. And it's going to save me MILLIONS OF YEARS OF MY LIFE. Because that's how long I'll be selling zines for, bitches.

I have waited (and procrastinated for) 14 years to be able to do this. This sleeper has awaken, big time. I am back to having a live zine distro website. I'm going to be slaying this. Whoop whoop.
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How many times have you heard "Together we stand, divided we fall"?
I suggest that this machine of modern life, which is like a parasite on the Earth, is AGAINST THE GRAIN OF LIFE, and that is precisely why the children hold the lowest position on the scale of dominance.

What I'm suggesting is that it's unnatural to be isolated and divided. That a single mother or family can barely help oppressing their child to a degree, and that children are naturally happier, more confident, quicker to learn and easier when in groups of all ages. That children actually have more freedom when a large circle of people feel responsible for them. That children need all the stimulation in interacting with groups of people. That the quality of a parent-child relationship can be better when it is not forced on them to be together when they don't want to be. I'm suggesting that the child's needs are too great for just one or two people to supply and so they are often suppressed instead; the child is making it too hard on the parents, so the child must be wrong.

A simple fact that deserves common acknowledgement--with more caretakers; friends; relatives; and responsible strangers in public, the child can be comforted and not be as heavy on its parents. The parent could blow off steam and not be as hostile to its child; and child abuse would go way down. Child abuse thrives in climates of stress and privacy. When other people can come to the aid of an abused child, they can play a part in helping the child. Sometimes parents need to see an example of how to handle a situation in a positive fashion.
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So, the US Postal Service has increased cross-border postal rates even more than Canada Post has in recent years. The large flat rate envelope, a mainstay of Americans sending zines my way, has gone from $13 to 20$ in one year. Meanwhile fucking Amazon has a sweat deal with Canada Post, which means that they probably pay less than anyone else for premium service. The delivery times on Amazon items is frighteningly fast... The Canada dollar is dropping, making American zines more expensive.

Anywé, this means that I will be selling a lot more Canadian zines to Canadians in the near future. I have nothing against Canadian zines (!), but there's just such a smaller scene here, it's easier to find American zinesters with a certain following that have been going at it for a long time and that Know What They're Doing. This is going to force me to dig out and promote a lot more Canadian content. The Toronto Public Library bugs me once a year to sell them Canadian content, and I never return their calls because I don't have anything they don't have already. Maybe I'll soon return their calls!

Thank you USPS and Canada Post for sucking big time, you're making me do what I should have been doing a lot more of in the first place. :P
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When my little cousin confided in me, because I am no threat to her, that she cheated on pin the tail on the donkey to win the game--did I tell her that's bad? No--I just listened. Personally, I wonder about the kind of things that go on to make her such a sneaky and manipulative child, it seems that she has a whole secret life hidden from adults. But really, don't most children?
Once she told me: "I don't know why they call America a free country, children aren't free. I am not allowed to drive; I hate school and my teacher put my name on the board for talking when I wasn't, and I can't eat what I want or go to sleep when I want. What's worse is my mother always orders me around. I'll make up a time of when to clean my room because it makes more sense to me and she tells me that I must do it right away or my friend will not be allowed to come over at all." And this is a seven year old talking! Growing up in a patriotic and semi-rural environment. I go "yeah," and talk back and forth with her. I don't think she can see that adulthood isn't really what it's cracked up to be.

So good. :)
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(aka post-expozine post, or expozine post-mortem, etc.)

So it's 4am and I have to get up at 7:30 to return the rental car, or else risk incurring a parking ticket at 8am. But I'm wired up and I can't sleep. Late coffee, driving for 6 hours straight and an awesome weekend all weigh on my mind. Then I realized that I was hungry. So now I'm eating Firoza's crazy spicy chora nu batata kale gaajar.

I had a wicked time at Expozine, first hanging out with my table neighbour Élizabeth Robert ([ profile] nochesdepoesia), an awesome publisher and translator. She's a wild poetry lover and promoter. From her I bought my first Sheri-D Wilson book, Goddess: Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe. Seriously, do not stop; run and buy this book. I almost never buy poetry, and I bought this after reading one page. This is more spoken-word put to print than classical verse, but man. Really excited.

I also bought Sherwin Tjia's pick-your-own-plot book (damn you SJG! unleash thy copyrites!), where you are a cat. I will read it eventually and report back on it. Then I bought David Turgeon (Eerie)'s first novel, Les Bases Secrètes, as well as a bloody $40 Muse Récursive megabook. Ugh my wallet.

Élizabeth told me a fair bit about Barbancourt, a Haitian rum that's just recently been unbanned in Canada. She even went to pick up a bottle for me at the SAQ.

I got to check out the Drawn & Quarterly bookstore for the first time, but since it took us 20 minutes to find parking around there, we got in before it 5 minutes before closing. Still managed to snag a Seth and a Joe Sacco, though. (Almost bought Guy Delisle's Jérusalem, but it seems rather naïve. Has anyone with a clue about Palestine read it?)

I also met tons of zinesters and friends, old friends from my days at Food Not Bombs in Québec City in particular. Bought some interesting-looking zines, although I didn't really fall in love with anything.

Then as usual, my carpool finished the fair having dinner at Patati Patata, and then we had some good fun on the drive home.

Like someone said, Expozine is like Christmas for us. It was so good for me. Wee! So happy.
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Alright, we have a carpool to Montréal for the Anarchist bookfair and we're only three people right now, after someone dropped off... We could use one or two more bodies. We're coming back either Monday during the day or Tuesday night. I have a preference for the latter but we'll see what happens. :) Including gas, I'm estimating a cost of $50 if we're four, or $40 if we're five people. Please save me from having to drag strangers off Craigslist into my rental :P
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I think I've received more orders from outside North America this year than inside. I just received one from Australia, and the day before was Denmark. This is crazy! What's going on?
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Haha. Nearly 7 years of zine distro and I've just put my first zine together. It's not even my zine too, it's just someone else's zine that I'm cut and pasting together. I'm quite laughable.

In other crafty news, I've also turned these postcards into a mobile.


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