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For accuracy's sake:
Eighty-five year old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein decided at the last moment not to travel.
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For English Canadians, Québec is sometimes a political twilight zone... In this instance, it is a place where a right-wing shock-jock is the one siding with the Palestinians and unsurprisingly, being a shock jock, comparing Israel to the Nazis (d'un blogue sur to cite the source, although not really worth reading). Aijjaz Ahmad has allies in unlikely places ;]
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"The majority of the passports used crossing the border when I was there were Canadian, followed by Lebanese, Brazilian, American, and Australian in descending order. [...] According to a Syrian border official, almost 100,000 people have fled Lebanon." source

ETA: "The diplomatic process is not meant to shorten the window of time of the army's operation, but rather is meant to be an extension of it and to prevent a need for future military operations," [Israel's foreign minister] told reporters.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday that it's too early to send in such a force.

It's too early, because Israel hasn't achieved its objectives yet. Once it has done that, we'll support a stabilization force that will do Israel's work anyway.
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For [ profile] missnegativity, or someone else. Why are they destroying the houses of the jewish settlements that they are evacuating in the Gaza Strip? Can't they just give the houses over to Palestinian families for them to occupy? It seems like such a waste.

I'm getting conflicted about this icon now.


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