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NYT: Israeli Candidate Borrows a (Web) Page From Obama
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Jesus fucking Christ.

Hétu reports that his campaign slogan is "Together we can succeed". Reminds you of something else?

Pretty desparate move... Hopefully he will be laughed out of there.
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[ profile] chapatimystery brings to light some of the unsavory connections of two of Obama's new peeps... Many people have talked about Rahm Emanuel and his commitment to Zionism, but Sepoy also brings up Sonal Shah's RSS roots. In a latter entry, Sepoy writes about his belief that Obama cannot be summed by his advisers, but commenters aren't so hopeful. Someone in the comments there links to CounterPunch's devastating profile of Shah's Sangh Parivar connections, and an explanation of why that's bad, for those who don't follow Hindu-supremacist politics. The article also describes the Center for American Process, the Democratic thinktank where Obama's transition team comes from. What's the point of evincing Hillary when you get all of Bill's people in?

Special kudos to [ profile] esizzle for kicking me in the pants about Rahmbo.
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Obama vs. Bobby Jindal in 2012? Imagine going from not a single person of colour being a major presential candidate ever, to both contenders being POCs, in 4 years...
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Heh. Heh. Heh.

I mean the campaign has become absurdly dumb on both sides (Where has "the fierce urgency of now" gone to?) but you can still enjoy the circus...
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It's really worth watching Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama on Meet the Press today... After saying that we know that Obama is a Christian, Powell asks, "So what if he is [a muslim]? Is there something wrong with being a muslim in this country?" Colin Powell has a lot to answer for but his endorsement today is a great anti-racist statement that no one else (that I know of anyway) in the public eye had has the balls to make.

The only thing I would say is that his endorsement could have come earlier, but as a Republican, it's a great step for him to take.

*** ETA:

The picture Powell seems to be talking about.

Plus, go read [ profile] culpster's comment.

*** ETA2: (via [ profile] transgriot)

You gotta watch Powell's further and complete repudiation of McCain's campaign, and the good old common sense statements (taxes are not evil!) that just don't get bandied about in the media.
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Palin hasn't yet quite turned on the racist hatred yet (she's promising to talk more about Rev. Wright soon though), but her supporters know a fellow hate-mongerer when they see one... Read through Richard Hétu's round-up, or if you don't understand French, just click on the links in the text, which send back to American media articles... "Taitor!" "Terrorist!" "Kill him!" are some of the reactions from Republican crowds to statements by Palin & McCain questioning Obama's character.


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