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Harper veut acheter le Québec avec deux milliards de dollars []

So allegedly Harper has decided to make the Bloc an offer it can't refuse. Should the Bloc bring down the government budget on Kyoto concerns, Harper will have a good tool to bludgeon Duceppe with in Québec. If this goes forward, it will most probably guarantee Charest's re-election this spring. Look at how federalism works. Why yes, Harper buys an election now and cuts in services (or skimps on Kyoto, anyway) later in order to pay for the purchase.

It's kind of interesting because Harper would do this mostly with Alberta and Saskatchewan's money, actually, for the perequation part. If you let me take your money to buy off Québec, we will end up with a majority and we'll rule the country from Calgary.

Once this budget goes through, not only Charest but also McGuinty will have to admit that Harper fixed a problem that the Liberals created in 1995 when they gutted social programs. That's going to be some mighty support for the next election.

After I wrote my entry on simultaneous elections (which now makes even less sense), I was thinking that it would be just much cheaper to buy off the Bloc than the NDP, both economically and ideologically. The Bloc has conflicting interests that can be played off each other, whereas the NDP's conflicting interest is the Conservative Party.

This could work for Harper. Be watchful.
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Found at the end of the NDP press release congratulating Michaëlle Jean's nomination:
We also look forward to seeing a family again in Rideau Hall, which is fitting for the first Governor-General of a new century.

Two things. The new century has started 4 years ago, and Adrienne Clarkson has been in post all that time. Secondly, what the hell does having family make you more or less fitting to be a governor general? Is Layton thinking of making the position a hereditary one, like the Queen?

I bet you they have a list of keywords at Huron Street that they try to plug in as many press releases as possible, and that "families" is one of them.

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"Reduce the Terror Threat with a seethru Freedom Bag."

Speaks for itself. I need an orwellian icon. Maybe I'll steal legitly obtain McBride's. [he found that link.]

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ETA: Oil revolution will shake nation. [from] CIBC economist discusses the impact of a $100 barrel on the Canadian economy, mentioning, Read more... )


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