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Found at the end of the NDP press release congratulating Michaëlle Jean's nomination:
We also look forward to seeing a family again in Rideau Hall, which is fitting for the first Governor-General of a new century.

Two things. The new century has started 4 years ago, and Adrienne Clarkson has been in post all that time. Secondly, what the hell does having family make you more or less fitting to be a governor general? Is Layton thinking of making the position a hereditary one, like the Queen?

I bet you they have a list of keywords at Huron Street that they try to plug in as many press releases as possible, and that "families" is one of them.

* * *

"Reduce the Terror Threat with a seethru Freedom Bag."

Speaks for itself. I need an orwellian icon. Maybe I'll steal legitly obtain McBride's. [he found that link.]

* * *

ETA: Oil revolution will shake nation. [from] CIBC economist discusses the impact of a $100 barrel on the Canadian economy, mentioning, amongst other things: The so-called Alberta Advantage is about to get a whole lot bigger. Soaring oil and gas royalties will soon obviate the need for a provincial income tax in Alberta, a province that already has the lowest income tax rate and the only province that has no provincial retail sales tax. This year, Alberta is likely to get $4.5 billion more in oil and gas royalties than its latest budget forecast, a windfall that will be equal to almost 90 per cent of what the province raises in personal income taxes. While Alberta isn't about to abolish its personal income tax on the basis of one year's revenue performance, run this model forward for a couple of years and oil and gas royalties will substitute for personal income taxes in Alberta just as they have done in Texas.

He also quotes Lenin. :P
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