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I'm trying to cut on procrastination while going through the last stretch of the semester, so I'm not reading other people's LJs. But I'm posting and reading replies to responses.

Anyway, here's a depressing Baghdad violence map applet thing from the Beeb.

Things to do:
Move the slider forwards in time. Notice that the red dots are just for 10+ death events; the total deaths for the month are much higher than what's shown. Compare the ethnic areas, pre-2006 and now.

Numbers come from Iraq Body Count.
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This is an amazing Stephen Colbert clip that explains the circular reasoning that justifies Gitmo's existence... This is one of those moments where TCR beats The Daily Show hands down.

I need a Stephen Colbert icon.
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hot bangladeshi security forces

Pat Robertson strikes again: Kill Chavez! [via]

*** ETA: We don't do that kind of thing!!! --Rumsfeld, barely preventing himself from LOL [via]

Who Wants to be the Next Liberal Leader? Bob Rae tops poll in Ontario [via]. Wow. That came out of left field... (pun not intended. heh.) Highly interesting. Sounds definitely more credible than that Ignatieff brain sewage (brain drain... get it? okay, that wasn't great) whack job.

Léo-Paul Lauzon: Nationalisons le pétrole! [via] When the hell is that guy going to run for the NDP? He's the most prominent non-separatist socialist in the province. Well, not that prominent, but he can debate any motherfucker under the table and he swears more than I do.

De l'EPO dans l'urine d'armstrong en 1999 [via]


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