May. 11th, 2007

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This dude had a shave before having his press conference:

Civil servant arrested in government leak case is an anarchist, has helped open infoshop (The Star)
"He's also a drummer with the punk band The Suicide Pilots, which has an album called Rock Against Harper." (CBC)

Oh yeah. He says Harper sucks, his government is vengeful and is trying to intimidate civil servants. But you know. Anarchist in the news. That's the news.

*** ETA: He's a former OPIRG member, and also a member of Books to Prisoners! (nat'l post) This article has a fuller portrait of him.
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[ profile] shmeen gave me a heads-up on this front page, and when I saw it I had to buy it, even if it's the National Post...

Jeffrey Monaghan, left, opening anarchist bookstore, and right, as a bureaucrat who leaked details of a government climate change plan.

Man. Bomb the Suburbs. How can this front page be any better?

[ profile] culpster has slept in his bed.
[ profile] lovableatheist is part of the bookstore collective.

I find this whole thing amusing, because in a way, it's obvious that he's playing the media, that he's putting on a whole spectacle for them, although he probably didn't plan on being remembered from the infoshop launch. The media go along because they feel like it's just juicy news that he's also an anarchist and that he's "losing more credibility" than they could be...


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