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To everyone who says "Wall Street is already occupied, it's Haudenosaunee land", I say: You CAN have an occupation on top of/within another occupation. I don't think calling it an occupation in occupied land does any disservice to First Nations, especially when dismantling capitalism would do great good to end that original occupation. So I think you're trying to score lefty points with semantics.
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brad bellemare

Boo-hoo..for all the complaints in BC. Go to many Reserves in Canada where boiling water is just a daily fact of life.

This is just a little taste of the third world conditions that the Canadian Government has allowed to happen on many reserves.

Perhaps this type of outrage should be reflected for all Canadians not just the ones that face this once every 20 years.

[from this CBC page, via [ profile] tovegirl]
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This is what this is all about. On Saturday, I went to Caledonia for solidarity support with the people of the Six-Nations confederacy. Five of us drove there from Toronto, and we stayed from 12 to 7pm. It was pretty peaceful.  The cops weren't giving people much trouble at the point, and the people inside we all nice. We made ourselves useful by cooking. I ended up barbecueing meat all day! Snicker if you must. Here are my pictures. Sorry for not taking more pics and more specific ones, but I was a bit iffy about the politics of picture-taking within the occupation. I guess I should just have asked.
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For [ profile] harrysheep in particular:
Navahoax [via [ profile] seaya

Did a struggling white writer of gay erotica become one of multicultural literature’s most celebrated memoirists — by passing himself off as Native American?

And for the activists in the house, from the same article:
Harjo, who is Muscogee Creek and Cheyenne, has had her own battles outing those she believes to be Native American impostors. She challenged University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, who gained notoriety last year when he referred to the victims of the 9/11 attacks as “little Eichmanns,” and who claims to be of Cherokee and Creek descent. Though he has no specialized training in the field, he rose through the university ranks to become chair of the Ethnic Studies Department, largely on the basis of his claimed heritage. Yet as Harjo and other journalists have pointed out, he is not an enrolled member of any federally recognized tribe. Likewise, genealogical research carried out by the Rocky Mountain News and several Native journalists could find no trace of Indian blood in Churchill’s family. Despite the insistence of both the Cherokee and Creek nations that Churchill is not one of them, Churchill maintains his position as a professor of ethnic studies and is frequently paid to lecture on Native and political issues around the country. In response to those who question his identity, he simply denies everything and calls his accusers “blood police.”

“Indian identity has nothing to do with blood quantum,” counters Harjo. “You hear that from the phony baloneys trying to attach themselves to some 1,000th particle of Indian blood.”


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