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Jun. 1st, 2006 11:52 am
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Jaggi chases Monte Solberg from church. Well, not all by himself ;]

The article calls Jaggi a "local protester"... I don't think he's moved to Ottawa though? I've seen him at the Montréal bookfair, but then again people come from all over the place for that event. [ profile] accusehistory, do you know anything about that?

*** ETA: Judge wonders why cops did not move in and turn the Caledonia occupation into a fullblown violent conflict. I think it's going to be exciting to see cops and/or the AG tell the judge to back off =)
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This is what this is all about. On Saturday, I went to Caledonia for solidarity support with the people of the Six-Nations confederacy. Five of us drove there from Toronto, and we stayed from 12 to 7pm. It was pretty peaceful.  The cops weren't giving people much trouble at the point, and the people inside we all nice. We made ourselves useful by cooking. I ended up barbecueing meat all day! Snicker if you must. Here are my pictures. Sorry for not taking more pics and more specific ones, but I was a bit iffy about the politics of picture-taking within the occupation. I guess I should just have asked.


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