Jan. 23rd, 2006

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Richard Gwyn writes the most idiotic columns out there.

Voting system gives us what we want

Hey RICHARD, I want my PARTY to be represented in proportion of the votes it gets!! I don't want "moderate change", whatever the hELL that means.

Gwyn is a prime example of job security gone wrong... His columns are vacuous beyond belief.

* * *

Actually I saw HEATHER MALLICK tonight, she even TALKED TO ME!! She is TEH AWESOME. She came to the CUP conference to give a keynote speech about how to make Canadian media better. Her solution was nothing out of the ordinary (smart and creative people in the right places, i.e. as editors) but she managed to pepper the rest of her talk with righteous outrage at how fucked up the media is, with wrong priorities, etc, and how the Globe sucks, etc. She's just quit the Globe over her Chomsky column, which they messed up against her will. (Reason #234343 why the Globe sucks: Copy Editor says "Who's Noam Chomsky?" after he was just named most important intellectual alive. Doh.)

She was quite angry at an article in the Star about young "tories in hiding" coming out of the closet and she was wondering if that one chick that was featured on the cover of the paper on Saturday, a journalism student at Ryerson, was at our conference... Mallick was wondering if the woman would ask her a question, she was quite looking forward to it, although she said she would have keep herself in check. Hahaha. She's so FIERCE. She's about F's size too, a little nuke in a suitcase.
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"What is remarkable in the case of China is that the civilization created several millenia ago continued into the early twentieth century, while the other great civilizations experienced radical discontinuities."

Holy shit. China really fucked the dog around the world between 1949/75.


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