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Hillier says we don't need more units

The Conservative party's Canada First defence plan [laid out during the last election] included proposals to establish a new airborne regiment and as many as 14 territorial defence battalions stationed in cities across the country.

Territorial defence battalions? Who are we defending against? Angry North Dakotans? Hordes of poor Michigonians, jealous of our universal healthcare, stoked by Michael Moore's Sicko?

Next thing you know, Harper will have Canadian troops parade in front of Himself in Ottawa, walking the goose-step...
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Hopefuls for Tim Hortons Kandahar outlet get survival training

Holy fuck, Canadians could apply for working at Timmy Ho's in Afghanistan? Why didn't they tell me? I would have gone!


Mar. 18th, 2006 03:00 am
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Largest demonstration in chicago's history against racist immigration bill

In Chicago last Friday, March 10, no less than 300,000 people hit the streets, bringing the city center to a standstill with the largest demonstration in its history. They marched in protest of legislation which has already passed the House of Representatives making the "unlawful presence" of immigrants in the U.S. a federal felony. If enacted the new laws also make an instant felon of anyone who offers medical care or rents a room to, shelters or even gives directions to an "unlawfully present" human in the U.S. If enacted, it would provide up to five years in prison for each such offense.

James Travers on Rick Hillier's vision for the Canadian military.

A capital more comfortable with bland, bureaucratic generals is struggling to get its collective head around a chief of defence staff who is neither. The first top soldier in decades to become a household name, Gen. Rick Hillier is a hero to his troops, a mixed blessing for his political masters and a cannonball demolishing Canada's benign military self-image.

What I think: Very interesting ideas, wrong implementation partners in the wrong battleground.


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