Feb. 5th, 2018

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  1. After your first language, what language would you most like to learn? (Say first language too)

    French is my first language. My current language interest is split between Turkish and Kurmanji, but if I'm honest, in the long term, Spanish is the language I'm most likely to really learn well, because it's so close to French.

  2. Does your country have a second language? What is it?

    French. Furthermore, a few hundred other languages are spoken by immigrants from all over the world, in particular in my city, Toronto. This country also has a number of indigenous languages: Some of which are still spoken widely, some have died, and some others have less than a dozen speakers left. A white friend of mine is learning some form of Ojibway language I think, I'm jealous of his dedication. It's a really political commitment. I hope he gets to use it.

  3. How many languages can you count to 5 in? To 10 in? List them.

    French, English, Spanish, Gujarati, Japanese (I used to practice aikido, numbers are basically the only thing I can say/understand). I could count to 5 in Turkish a couple months ago but that's gone to the wayside.

  4. What is the first overseas country you visited? And from where? (ie/ Timbuktu to Mars)

    When I was 8 or so, my family travelled by car from Québec City to Old Orchard Beach, in Maine. It was a popular summer destination for working class Québécois people at the time. People don't talk about it much anymore. Flights are cheap now, I suspect people just fly further south. For Montréalers, Sandbanks, a provincial park which features a beach on Lake Ontario, about 4 hours' drive away, is also becoming more popular.

  5. What country do you most want to visit? And why?

    I went to Turkey in 2015, but I visited what I should call the Greco-Roman west coast, i.e. msotly the old ruins. (Plus 'Stamboul, of course). I was just learning about the struggle in Rojava (Syria) at the time, and hadn't fully grasped what Kurdistan was. If I was going to Turkey know, I would surely visit the Southeast. I also wanted to visit Aleppo and Damascus but the civil war in Syria scuttled that. (That's actually what drove me to visit Turkey). Ironically, if I really was going to the region today, it would probably be as safe for me to go to Rojava than Bakur/Turkey... I'm interested due to nature of the political struggle there, obviously.


frandroid: YPG logo, Syrian Kurdish defense forces (Default)

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