Mar. 26th, 2007

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Speculation on the reasons why this event happened:

1) The British sailors waded into Iranian territorial waters this one time, so Iran arrested them by matter of course.

--Not likely. I mean accidents happen, but I doubt there is much of an accident going there.

2) The British sailors did not wade into Iranian waters; the Iranian ship moved into Iraqi/international waters and arrested the British soldiers. Maybe the boat destined to Iraq was meant as a trap to attract the soldiers.

--Iran is trying to up the ante in its confrontation on the nuclear enrichment issue, or it's creating a diversion. Either way, it's more bravado from the Iranians.

3) The British have regularly overstepped Iraqi territorial limits into Iranian waters. Up to now, the Iranians mostly tolerated there incursions, but as they became more and more frequent, deeper into Iranian waters, the Iranians finally decided to take action to show that they wouldn't be laughed at.

--Unless stepping into Iranian waters actually made the coalition troops' jobs much easier, this would probably be a deliberate attempt at provoking the Iranians. Now that they have taken the bait, we wait to see what Britain and Iran will do. If the U.S. become actively involved, become very afraid. Kidnapping started the Israel-Lebanon war last summer.
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Current Québec election standings, as we speak:
ADQ 47
Liberals 45
PQ 32
Québec Solidaire was said to be ahead in one riding earlier tonight, as well.

These are preliminary scores, there are many more votes to be counted.

For those not keeping the score, there hasn't been a right-wing government in Québec since 1959. Of course this will finish in a minority, so it's not as bad. But Dumont has like, 5 "ministrables" at most. Also, as the outgoing head of government, Charest can ask the Lt.-Governor to continue to government, if he can hold the confidence of Parliament.
Keep your eyes peeled.

ETA: The Liberals finished on top. Phew. This is the beginning of the end for separatists in Québec. If the Liberals manage to move a bit left, they might squeeze the PQ off the scene in a few elections.

A lot of people are thinking that this bodes well for a federal spring election for Harper. I'm not quite so sure, but the prospect frightens me a lot. But the politics of individualism have finally caught up with Québec.

Amir Khadir and Françoise David almost won for Québec Solidaire. That's some pressure on the left for the PQ there. Next time around, if the PQ is down in the polls, some lefties my skip on the strategic voting and vote with their heart.

ETA2: I've been invited to the La Presse examination for their summer internship!! Fingers crossed.


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