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You'd think that the scope of the deal would be the news: Hamas convinces Israel to release 1000 prisoners in exchange for its one hostage. And yet all the headlines blare "Shalit to be released", "Israeli to go home", etc.
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The G9 and G20 are meeting in Toronto at the end of June... If you have ideas for cool topical slogans for signs or t-shirts, my inclination to take the Friday off to protest will be much higher than if I don't sport cheap photography bait.

The future of the world rests in your hands!!
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Current Québec election standings, as we speak:
ADQ 47
Liberals 45
PQ 32
Québec Solidaire was said to be ahead in one riding earlier tonight, as well.

These are preliminary scores, there are many more votes to be counted.

For those not keeping the score, there hasn't been a right-wing government in Québec since 1959. Of course this will finish in a minority, so it's not as bad. But Dumont has like, 5 "ministrables" at most. Also, as the outgoing head of government, Charest can ask the Lt.-Governor to continue to government, if he can hold the confidence of Parliament.
Keep your eyes peeled.

ETA: The Liberals finished on top. Phew. This is the beginning of the end for separatists in Québec. If the Liberals manage to move a bit left, they might squeeze the PQ off the scene in a few elections.

A lot of people are thinking that this bodes well for a federal spring election for Harper. I'm not quite so sure, but the prospect frightens me a lot. But the politics of individualism have finally caught up with Québec.

Amir Khadir and Françoise David almost won for Québec Solidaire. That's some pressure on the left for the PQ there. Next time around, if the PQ is down in the polls, some lefties my skip on the strategic voting and vote with their heart.

ETA2: I've been invited to the La Presse examination for their summer internship!! Fingers crossed.
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So I got this enveloppe in the mail. Recognizing the type's colour, the profile and, well, the party logo on the other side of the enveloppe, there was no mystery to me who this was from, but I showed it to F, asking her who that was on the enveloppe, and she said "The L guy".

So I thought that she got it, that she thought that it was this guy, but no! I said some other comment, and she said "oh, I thought it was Lenin".

And she's right!! Look at the original sillouhette!!
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In an article from the Toronto Star about James Loney and the CPT in Iraq:
"Despite the group's continual denunciation of the U.S. presence in Iraq, or "occupation" in its parlance, MacKay denies it demonizes the military: "We do talk to the soldiers, high and low; the kid at the gate, the commanders. A lot of them are unhappy. Our hearts go out to them."

"occupation" in its parlance? What kind of cowardly journalism is this? Foreign countries have over 75,000 soldiers on the ground, and you can't even say that it's an occupation?


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