Jan. 11th, 2007

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The discrete return of the LJ interests mosaic )! Contains some really tiny naked women.
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The current wave of "News Service" spam is cramping my spam-killing skillZ.
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So the only time in my life where I read the Bible was in comic book form. My mom understood that I liked comic books. (I don't know why she wanted me to read the bible though, she definitely was the least religious of my two parents and has now abandoned Church altogether.) Not that I wasn't reading full-length novels and stuff, but the bible was something I was particularly reluctant to read. (In grade 8, I switched from religious to "moral" education, which was the secular alternative available to us in public school. We were a minority in there, although the proportion switched drastically in later high school years.)

I think at some point I junked out that bible, and I really regret it now because I'd like to brush up on the Biblical myths without having to read the whole thing. Something better is currently in the making though: Douglas Rushkoff and Liam Sharp are making a comic book adaption set in a contemporary context. This interview by RU Sirious with Rushkoff is very interesting and makes me want to read the bookses.


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