Mar. 3rd, 2007

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When Harlan Ellison sues half of the internet conglomerates because textfiles of his novels are circulating online, we can laugh since Ellison is more or less SLAPPing himself in the face. When he feels someone's boob on stage, hopefully the collective opprobrium serves as another kind of slap in his face but whether this happens or not, the consequences are not long-lasting for the victim.

But suing an independent comic book publisher and risk sinking it down? WTF Harlan?

I remember buying comics from Fantagraphics for the first time a few years ago when they had problems making ends meet and they issued a call out for support from the community. I got a few Daniel Clowes type stuff that I kept reading about but had never put hands on myself. A few days later, the Fantagraphics staff posted an update saying that the response to the call-out had been really good and that the purchases put forward could save the publisher.

Fantagraphics is run out of the two owners' house in Seattle. It's not a giant publisher, although its shadow looms large over independent comics. Ellison should turn his guns towards the real bad guys out there, like he's done before, and leave the small guys alone.
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Vegan Bodybuilding. It's not very well edited, but there are interesting articles and menus. While I'm amused to find this site, I'm not surprised as Québec's best competitive weightlifter in the mid-1990s was a vegan as well.


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