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President's Choice Splendido* Grapefruit Frizzante. It's lightly carbonated mineral water with grapefruit. If you're thinking Orangina, you're in the right neighbourhood. It's bitter and sweet, like all Italian pop is. Yes, it's actually from Italy, and not imitation, even if it's a PC product. That stuff is dope. It's really fresh. This is what Fresca would taste like if it didn't feel like being at the dentist getting your mouth anesthesized.

It says 12% juice on the bottle. Fuck yeah. I think it was $1.79 for a 1 litre bottle at No Frills. Also, they're not kidding when they say it's lightly carbonated. It's pretty good when you drink it the first time, but it'll have entirely fizzed out by the time you try to drink from the bottle again. So no keeping leftovers, although it's not like the stuff turns to poison... I just had it with Bhusu mix, some of the good shit that Surati Sweet Mart sells.


I've lived in or near this neighbourhood for 7 years now, and I never had a drink at the Cloak and Dagger. I've walked in front of it a million times, but I thought that the name was a little too corny. Finally, last night, trying to avoid the lame and expensive bars from Little Italy after seeing David Lynch's interminable Inland Empire, F, her friend M and I walked until it chanced upon us.

Man. This place is one narrow corridor of Irish (? it had a Celtic banner) goodness. 23 beers on tap. Comfy benches. Cool bartender. Black walls. Some band was playing some folksy stuff that I didn't care much for, but they had a violin so I forgave them.

And then I had a Church Key Holy Smoke Scotch Ale. Man, did I mention how Scotch Ale is one of my favourite types of drinks now? Syrupy without being sweet like that fucking raspberry beer that M had. That thing was like drinking Jell-o. But that Holy Smoke Ale? That was good.


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