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Obama réagit vivement aux constructions à Jérusalem-est

The time is now or never. If he lets that one go, he will never make any progress.

Pour Amjad Atallah, de la New America Foundation, «le problème est qu'il n'y pas eu, jusqu'à présent, de conséquence politique à l'attitude de défiance continuelle des Israéliens envers les positions et les intérêts américains».


«Je l'ai répété à maintes reprises et je le répèterai encore, la sécurité d'Israël est un intérêt national crucial pour les Etats-Unis et nous nous assurerons qu'ils sont en sécurité», a-t-il dit.

You just can't start a negotiation like this.

I truly don't understand the United States' position. I mean I'm assuming good will from this administration here. Clearly Israel is satisfied with the status quo, and as it has demonstrated last year, will push further. It's clearly obstructing any kind of negotiations since it perceives all it would do would be to weaken its position. What's in it for the United States anyway? I mean I don't think Obama desires to put Palestine in a state of subservience to Israel. So what is he trying to do? What is the national interest of the United States of solving the conflict? How much is that worth? I think it's worth an enormous amount of good will. Possibly the largest goodwill gain the U.S. could make since the second World War. What's that worth, in a world of decreasing American influence? I mean I'm convinced peace would benefit greatly to Israel as well, so it's not like it's a losing proposition.
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