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Mar. 3rd, 2010 09:54 am
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I take tons of pictures but I don't take the time to sort them out. I want to make more of an effort to at least showcase some of them... I apologize in advance for the number of subway shots you will see in the future; they are to me what posting skyscrapers is to [ profile] dubaiwalla :)

I never get tired of subway tunnel shots
I never get tired of subway tunnel shots

No, it's not mistakenly uploaded upside down.

Hmmm. I hadn't noticed the brand in the thumbnail. I liked the light mosaic though.

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One of the escalators at Union Station has been under repair for over a week now, which drastically constraints stairway traffic flow in the morning. There doesn't seem to be anything happening at all. The steps are gone. Are the steps being cleaned at another facility? If that is the case, how is it that this very busy escalator is allowed to remained unusable for such a long period of time? I might be crazy, but it might make sense for the TTC to buy an extra set of escalator stairs to put in place when one set is being taken to the cleaners.

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frandroid: YPG logo, Syrian Kurdish defense forces (Default)

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