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Alright, the always reliable Richard Hétu was on fire on Friday, so here's a video round-up...

Mike Huckabee: "the beginning of the reelection of Barack Obama"

Hétu posted and transcribed this clip, in which Mike Huckabee shows more hope for democrats (for Barack Obama, at least) than democrats are probably showing in themselves right now:

If only I could be so hopeful...

Get some balls!

A message to democrats who don't have any:

Jon Stewart's Special Comment

If you missed out on Jon Stewart's take on Keith Olbermann, it's really worth following this link to the video, since I can't embed it.

Now we do think at Frandroid Corporate Headquarters that Jon Stewart is trying a little too hard in trying to "mock both sides" of the political spectrum these days, trying to burnish bipartisan or neutral credentials as he's finally hosting his show under an administration that's more aligned with his politics, unlike the first 7 or 8 years of his show. His efforts are a little too, shall we say, "Obamian" for our taste.

HOWEVER! Look at this:

Bonus Olbermann commentary

In the comments thread of the previous video, someone posted the send up to Olbermann Ben Affleck did on SNL:

I can't actually get the goddamn thing to play (if you can't either, and you live in the U.S., maybe you'll have better luck with the Hulu version) but I'm told it's quite funny!
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