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EU threatens Canada with visa war.

Amusingly, it's the completely opposite story of what's going on with the U.S.: whereas we're complaining that the U.S. is going to require us to have passport to walk in, in this case it's the E.U. that's complaining that we're still requiring people from 8 of the newest E.U. members to apply for visa to come to Canada. The E.U. wants us to drop the requirement, just like those countries had to drop requiring Canadians (and many other people, presumably) from applying for visas as part of their entry package in the E.U. If we don't drop the requirement, we might have to apply for visas to visit places like France and the U.K. I'm putting $20 on the E.U. winning this round.


Le Monde Diplomatique March 2007

Secrets and lies
By Ignacio Ramonet
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Two recent events bear witness to the prevailing schizophrenia. On 7
February representatives of most European governments assembled in Paris and solemnly signed a United Nations convention against enforced disappearances that prohibits secret detention (1). On 14 February the European parliament in Strasbourg adopted a report accusing the same governments of colluding with the United States Central Intelligence Agency in secret abduction operations.

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