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I think it's impossible to get a barber to trim your beard but help you try to grow it. My beard trimmer has been dead for about two years, so instead of trimming my own beard in a way which let me grow it ( ), I've been to barbers once every few months. Every time (EVERY TIME), I've told them I want to grow the beard, so "just trim it but keep the length", yet every time I leave the barbershop, my beard is significantly shorter than that on this picture even if it was long when I walked in. I finally went online this week and tried to buy a trimmer so I can grow a long beard on my own, but I can't really tell the trimmers apart from their product pictures on the web. I'll have to go to an actually store when I get back from vacation.

I used to go to this irritating white hipster barbershop in the Market but finally a black barbershop opened there and the barbers are all sweet guys rather than annoying and dumb. There even was a guy mixing up hip hop tracks today and he was really good. My beard is still too short though.
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I am 90% sure I saw you yesterday and it still looked pretty long.

As someone in the process of growing out her hair right now, I sympathize with the struggle.
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No, it was in the morning. So old length, I guess.