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Firebrand Galloway beaten in Poplar
BNP leader defiant after defeat
Greens win historic first seat
Tweet: "BBC TV shows Sun newspaper front page for tomorrow: Squatter holed up in No.10 - with photo of Gordon Brown in Downing Street ^mb"
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Première convention collective dans un Wal-Mart! Finally, the first collective agreement at a Wal-Mart in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, comes into effect after years of legal wrangling by the company.
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Les jeunes militants voulaient dénoncer la FTQ
Changer le monde

So it turns out that the door of the occupied office was cut open with a circular saw, not a chain saw. Heh. The protesters were not anarchists, but communists. They were protesting the Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ)'s own hand in capitalism and imperialism, including its "Solidarity Fund" which is an investment fund that the union owns and manages. They say that they're not part of an established group, but rather an ephemeral grouping, coming together for this occupation.

Spontaneous actions are good, sometimes they're the sparkler the ignites bigger things, but organization is even better since it can provide a follow-up. Since they are now not entangled in the legal system (a blessing of this forceful "in-house" ejection), they are free to plan some other actions now, possibly with another group...
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Auto workers occupy Scarborough plant

Disgruntled auto workers have occupied a plant in Scarborough and say they won't leave until the company agrees to pay severance to 200 laid off workers.

Doors are barricaded and about 100 workers inside are preventing production at the Collins & Aikman plant, which is scheduled to close at the end of July.

Bob Chernecki, assistant to the Canadian Auto Workers' president, says the company has told them the U.S. operations are refusing to release the money for severance.

Collins & Aikman, which manufactures automotive floor and acoustic systems as well as cockpit modules, filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. in May, 2005.

Chernecki says there are a few hundred workers outside the plant as well.

He says the purpose of the occupation is to force the company into complying with a previous agreement to pay severance to the fired workers.

"They have absolutely every obligation, lawful and otherwise, including an agreement with us, our union – CAW, to pay that severance out."


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