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Black Sails is SO GOOD!! Just finished Season 3... Love the philosophizing between Silver and Flint so much. :)

I was perusing Wikipedia on Charles Vane, Woodes Rogers, Edward Teach, etc. today... So much of the actual or supposed history woven into the writing of the series, it's fun. (I must say I did not picture a bewigged Charles Vane though!! Zach McGowan has convinced me to grow my hair longer. Since I have a long beard, I'll have to decide whether I go Teach or Vane in the end... Maybe if I can make some slow-burning fuses??)

Now the only thing I'm asking is for in Season 4 is for Flint to get a little more gay, is that possible? Because Toby Stephens with that shaved head... UNF.
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Do you follow
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Do you follow <user="rydra_wong">? She posts lots of good resources on the history behind the show.

Blackbeard putting smoke bombs in his beard is one of my favourite things. He was apparently a nicer dude than he's depicted; apparently he relied on scaring the shit out of people and rarely killed anyone. Also, they really toned down Woodes Rogers on the show; he was so much worse IRL.

Flint cannot get any more gay. He is already the gayest. The only reason why his pirate flag isn't a rainbow is because that hadn't been invented yet, and it still took him incredible amounts of restraint to stick to black.