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Via [ profile] sabotabby: "Comment on this post and I will choose seven interests from your profile. You will then explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along."

being called sir by strangers: back when English was a Foreign Language to me, Britain was a very Exotic country for me. When I moved to Vancouver, my first job was a night shift at Subway. For some reason, Brits love their dreadful weather so much that they actually visit Vancouver in droves in January, just to get more gloomy-weather punishment. They would go to bars, and after that, end up at my Subway to pick up something to eat. Some would call me sir, and that made me giddy as hell.
against bourgeois-feminism: I acquired a lot of my LJ-interests by browsing other people's and copying theirs, especially when people added me. It's quite interesting that LJ actually has a feature that allows you to copy other people's interests by just checkmarking them. Now it's been a while since I've had so much time on my hands :] Bourgeois feminism, I guess, would be oblivious to the intersection of feminism with class and race. Actually, I'm starting to dislike the term bourgeois a lot, I find it a very crude way to describe things, and feminism has to start somewhere anyway. I'm going to remove this interest.
ultrabrutalist modern architecture: That's the descriptor that Ninjalicious gave to Robarts Library, which lead me to discover that Brutalist architecture is indeed a specific style of architecture. His love for the library has made me appreciate this type of architecture a lot more. I am anxiously awaiting its $75 million expansion, although I hear they'll take down some of the existing concrete panels. Hopefully the expansion meshes well with the existing building.
failed subcultures: So many subcultures seem exciting at the beginning, and then peter out, or become so successful as to become coöpted, go mainstream and lose the essence of what made them relevant in the first place. Dominant subcultures in my life have been ANSI art, punk rock and the anti-globalization movement. Of these, only punk rock has survived (but has it?), whereas ANSI art (art archive), the digital character art of BBSes, died of its medium's irrelevance with the advent of the internet. The anti-globalization movement died on September 11, scared shitless. I guess the bourgeois activists went back "home" to a different kind of "patriotism"...
red star nutritional yeast: The best kind of nutritional yeast, it is yellower than its competitors and "gels" a lot more. [ profile] hsifyppah gave me the book pictured to the right when she tired out of veganism, which I have enjoyed thoroughly. I have consumed RSNY in part because it provides vegans with the much-needed B12 vitamin, which is usually really hard to get without consuming dairy and meat. The lack of B12 can lead to permanent neurological damage, so it's not a minor thing to ignore. I have been told recently not to rely on RSNY alone for my B12 needs, and have thus started taking B12 supplements, until I talk to a nutritionist about this, which could be never. When I got for my next annual health check-up, I'll ask my doctor to send me for a B12 blood test.
responsible anarchists: a very rare animal. Its cousin species, the irresponsible anarchist, is a lot more common. Over time, I have come to assume that people become anarchists first and foremost because they have an unacknowledged desire not to take any responsibility for anything. The turn to anarchism usually happens during adolescence, when people first meet this necessity of taking responsibility. Eventually, as irresponsible anarchists mature, they stop being anarchists. They can then take three paths: go back to the mainstream or go bat-shit insane right-wing. What happens most often is that they become some sort of socialists with an anarchist sensibility, with a stronger resistance to state encroachment on individual rights. Not to be confused with a liberal.
jack layton's moustache: What's not to love? Some people believe that Jack and Olivia aren't a "real couple". I'm still on the fence, and maybe they are too.
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