Feb. 20th, 2018


Feb. 20th, 2018 05:29 pm
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[personal profile] zoefruitcake is doing a "365 questions" meme, which I can't be bothered to follow, but I just swiped the questions she's answering this week, because boredom.

  • February 21 - if you could have the perfect meal, what would it be?

    That's kind of difficult, but I'd be partial to a vegan Parsi wedding meal, including dhansak dal and dar ni poori. Maybe if Vij's in Vancouver knew how to make those recipes (they're Punjabi, not Parsi, but who cares?), that could be good.

  • February 22 - if you had to permanently leave your home country, where would you go?

    Right now, I would join the People's Defense Units of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, duh. I really wouldn't dislike living in Scotland, either.

  • February 23 - What is your first political memory?

    Rooting for Brian Mulroney in the 1994 federal election, because he was from Québec. (!!!)

  • February 24 - When is the last time you were completely wrong about something?

    Fuck me, I don't know when the last time was, I'm sure it was pretty recently. But the one that sticks in my craw is that I supported the U.S. efforts to depose Ghaddafi. Ohhh boy.

  • February 25 - What do you prefer to be called? Who named you that and why? Where did it come from?

    My first name is François, which was my maternal grandmother's name (Françoise). I _REALLY_ disliked being called Frank, because that's how some of my school bullies used to call me. There are a select few people who aren't subject to this objection, and they delight getting under my skin.

  • February 27 - Five topics you’d like to download to your brain, and why?

    1. Das Kapital, because I'm a poorly read marxist.

    2. Ocalan's writings, because I'm just starting

    3. The Ancient Roman Greek and Roman canon, because that would be cool.

    4. I could let fate pick a language between Turkish, Kurmanji and Sorani

  • February 28 - Best moment of the month

    I don't have restrictions, constraints or features which work on a monthly cycle, so the question is kind of irrelevant to me...


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