Jul. 7th, 2005

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For [livejournal.com profile] missnegativity, or someone else. Why are they destroying the houses of the jewish settlements that they are evacuating in the Gaza Strip? Can't they just give the houses over to Palestinian families for them to occupy? It seems like such a waste.

I'm getting conflicted about this icon now.
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I just printed 500 pages. Oops.
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I'm reading through various friends' blogs and forums and I see a whole lot of "all the people I know in London are safe", which makes me look at my screen with bulging eyes. You know multiple people in London?! I think that many Anglo-Canadians* still have a lot of connections with the ancestral Isles, familial and cultural. As for us Frenchies, all contact ended in 1759. I do not have relatives in Paris, and I don't know anyone in Québec that has relatives in France, and that's probably the case for 95% of Québécois. Those that have connections have them because of recent reconnecting, either through marrying a French citizen, work or some such thing. We as a population block have been rather homogenous for 200 years, with most English keeping their distance, and any of them fleeing the province starting from the 1970s. (There's been a lot more mixing with the Irish population, since they were Catholics, and in many cases they were absorbed.) I think this continuous social isolation has created a much stronger sense of belonging here (or being stuck here), and a much more conscious identity, than for Anglo-Canadians. I would say that a certain proportion of the latter could be considered part of an "Anglo Diaspora" whereas Québécois people, while having a common ancestry with France, are pretty much on their own.

Anyway, this is a bit rough but I'll have to think more about this. Nitpicking about my labelling is appreciated.

*Anglo-Canadians here refers to people from the British Isles, not to all English-speakers in the country.
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OTTAWA — Here is the text of the statement by New Democratic Party Leader Jack Layton on the London bombings:

Like all Canadians, I am repulsed by the violence we have witnessed today in London and express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims and to all those affected.

I join with Prime Minister Blair, Prime Minister Martin and the other G-8 leaders in strongly condemning these acts of terrorism. We will not allow it to undermine Canadian society, our institutions or our beliefs in democracy, human rights, tolerance, and equality.

Indeed, we must go forward today with greater determination to build a world that embraces these ideals.

As evidence of that resolve, I urge the leaders gathered in Gleneagles to press on with their stated agenda to address global climate change and to meeting our commitments to fight global poverty.

Once more, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Go Layton Go!


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