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Activist Charged With Violating Orlando's Ban On Feeding Homeless

ORLANDO, Fla. -- An activist was arrested while he was feeding homeless people in a public park.

Eric Montanez, 21, a member of Orlando's Food Not Bombs, violated a city ordinance against feedings in the park Wednesday evening, police said.

Each group is allowed to feed only 25 people, but undercover officers saw Montanez feed 30, police spokeswoman Barbara Jones said.

Food Not Bombs and Montanez are plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit against the city, claiming that the ordinance is unconstitutional, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Montanez was charged with a misdemeanor count of prohibited activity in a park and was released from jail on a $250 bond.

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Backed by a blazing 70-piece Afrobeat orchestra, Fela rails against the Nigerian military construct as proud puppets of bureaucratic Gepettos: “Zombie won't go unless you tell him to go/Zombie won't stop unless you tell him to stop.” His words were enough to “inspire” more than a thousand army thugs to break into his home (an independent state), throw his mother out of a window (she died), and burn the entire neighborhood to the ground. To get back at them he became even louder about his politics, married 27 women on the one-year anniversary of the raid, and ran for president.


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