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I got arrested and detained for 27 hours in various cold concrete holding cages. I'm back home now and I'm going to catch my first sleep since Saturday morning. I'll write a longer update later, but TONS of people doing nothing wrong got arrested, it was madness. We never got access to legal counsel, but finally they don't seem to be sticking to the Breaching the peace misdemeanor they initially charged me with.

***ETA 1: Firoza also was picked up at the same time as me, but she was "lucky" to be released at 3:30pm instead of past midnight like me. They really tied her zip straps hard though, she was in massive pain for over an hour and no cop would do anything about it. She still has numbness in one of her wrists. All of us had our hands tied together in handcuffs or zip straps through most of the night. Try sleeping and peeing (we had a doorless, paperless porta-potty in each holding cage) with your hands like that. They were first holding us 15 to 20 people per holding cage, 3 by 5 meters each.

I'll update more later, I gotta figure out a way to get my injured rib checked.


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