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Ten worst countries for women []

Buried somewhere in the article:
[2.] Democratic Republic of Congo: In the eastern DRC, a war that claimed more than 3 million lives has ignited again, with women on the front line. Rapes are so brutal and systematic that UN investigators have called them unprecedented. Many victims die; others are infected with HIV and left to look after children alone. Foraging for food and water exposes women to yet more violence. Without money, transport or connections, they have no way of escape.

Where's the goddamned news?
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As seen on [ profile] bitchphd:

I love Bill Clinton as a politician (although obviously, his politics are rather repugnant ("Repugnant?" you ask? The guy is a war criminal many times over. Nowhere as bad as the Bushes, but still pretty bad.)), and here you can see his him give a good smackdown on the whole Petraeus/Betray Us episode.

Also seen on Bitch, PhD:
Massive epidemic of rapes in the Eastern US: violent gangs rape thousands of American women and girls. "Throughout the country, young and old women, pregnant women and girls as young as six were allegedly raped at roadblocks and in private homes, on their way home from school or in the fields."

Except, of course, that this isn't the Eastern US and American girls and women, but rather the Eastern DRC and Congolese women and girls. Over 4 million died in the heavy part of the conflict, and there is still a massive epidemic of extreme sexual violence against women, and all everyone wants to talk about is Darfur, with its untrue "Arabs attack Christians" trope. This was arguably worse than what has befallen Iraqis, and there are still massive atrocities going on.

The linked article is a speech by Stephen Lewis, who is a lot more articulate than me.

Sorry for the cheap baiting, but bleah.


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