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I think I'll make this a masala chai holiday period, and I'll post my regular concoctions. I'm getting tired of black tea recently, even though it's my staple. I think I've been having too much black coffee at the office, is why. I'll keep further updates under a cut, or shorter. It'll get interesting when I get to Québec City and I have less ingredients to work with.

for 2 cups:

2 inches of cinnamon
2 black peppercorns
2 cloves
3 small cardamoms
1 mustard seed
4-6 anise seeds

(all smashed to bits

add 2 ts orange pekoe, have everything together for five minutes on low heat.

add soymilk and sugar to taste.)

The parenthesis is expected all the time, so I won't repeat unless I change the procedure, most likely due to lack or kettle or other hardware. I might not have access to a mortar and pestle everywhere!

The mustard seed was an early trial, I will be a bit bolder tomorrow to see what the impact is on taste. Today I couldn't really taste it. I think I might cut down to one clove to give the mustard some space to express itself.

Yesterday I had put some cloves powder in there, I didn't quite like that. I'm not a big fan of nutmeg in chai but I'll work with it a bit when I get bored. Also: mint. I don't know how to handle mint even though I've had mint black tea before. (With pine nuts in the tea, from a tea seller on the far end of the dirt barrier by the sea in Marseille. Weird, but still tasty.)

Oh yeah, another plan is to work on a spiced coffee recipe. I've made cinnamon coffee before without really getting what I wanted. Nutmeg my prove itself useful here. How should I make spiced coffee anyway? I have an espresso machine here. Should I steep my spices in hot water and then add an espresso shot at the end? I could also the the bodum, but you can't really have the spices simmer in there.

I welcome your recipes, suggestions, insight and discussion. If you want to discuss on Dreamwidth, you can log in with your Livejournal account (and many other kinds) to leave your comments there. I have Dreamwidth invites if you want to start your own account.


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