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Senate report to back ad-free CBC: Sources [] Will also recommend still regulation to enhance competition in the media sector.

Woohoo! Too bad Harpie nor the Liberals won't do anything about it. :(

ETA: Meanwhile, the CBC is busy selling out: CBC delays The National for talent show

Finally, The trailer for An Inconvenient Truth gives a new meaning to the expression "trailer trash". Still, I'll probably go see the film.


Aug. 25th, 2005 10:49 am
frandroid: "End the lock-out" with a CBC logo shaped into a lock (End the lockout!)
A war of cultures? More like a clash of superstitions. If George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld had overseen the Cold War, we'd all be speaking Russian today.--Vinay Menon in The Star. AHEhaEhaEh.

ETA: Our constitutional right to play hockey!!! from the blog of a locked-out CBC worker.
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Why oh why did I agree to an 11h interview? I'll have to get up at 9 or something. I don't even care for this interview anymore. Sigh.

In other media news, I'm disappointed that the CBC is replacing the noon newscast with reruns of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. If it had been new episodes, it would have been hilarious. On the other hand, having been deprived of cable for a long time now, I'm glad that they're replacing the evening newscasts with BBC News. I'm kinda let down that it's the half-hour, boiled down newscast though. With 15 minutes on the Gaza Strip Withdrawal, there isn't much time left for other news.


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