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Indian PM intervenes in demolitions row, 18,000 illegal structures ordered to be demolished by courts.

Why so much of Delhi is illegal (short answer: corruption, mismanagement, overpopulation)
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I've started reading Thomas Homer-Dixon's The Ingenuity Gap on the train back to Toronto and it's fucking boring. It's got lots of interesting tidbits, but other than saying that we may not be smart enough to solve global warming, ecological stress and overpopulation catalclysms facing us, it's not really delivering any original ideas. I'll keep going at it because there are lots of interesting tidbits of information (for example: 60% of newborns in India are in such poor condition at birth due to malnutrition, poverty, etc that they would be admitted to intensive care, were they born in California) but it's kinda useless so far.

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Aug. 20th, 2005 12:05 am
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Jim Standford sez: just make transit free, damnit.

Okay, India not so cool after all: Andhra Pradesh arrests radical poets, bans Communist Party of India (Maoist).

You know, instead of calling themselves Communist party of [Country] ([faction]), these guys should call themselves [faction] party of [Country]. Much easier to understand: Crypto-Stalinist Party of Canada.

ETA: Pollution Control Board of Kerala orders Coca-Cola plant be closed down.
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Coca-Cola in Crisis in India
Coca-Cola Threatens Top Indian Photographer with Lawsuit

Two good articles that point to the state of Killer Coke's activities in India.


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