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Moi: So I just wanted to mention that while you used butternut squash here, I discovered a squash I didn't know, butterCUP squash, which looks a lot like an acorn squash. It kind of has the consistency of a potato, and tastes something between the butternut squash and a potato. I used it instead of potato in a Nepalese dish (Aloo, tama and bodi, which I adore). I think I like the original with potato better, but this combination is also very good and gives it a lighter flavour.

Michael: Where did you get the buttercup squash?

Moi: I got it at Kensington Fruit Market, across from Essence of Life, but I think it's widely available. When I say "discovered", I just mean in my own repertoire, Columbus-style.


If you have good buttercup squash recipes, especially curries, please ssend them my way; there doesn't seem to be that many online. I discovered this vegetable by having it in a Thaï curry at the new Sukko Thai on Wellington (as tasty as on Parliament, but a few dollars more expensive, and with WAAAYYYY more tables) and I fell in love immediately.


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