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When my little cousin confided in me, because I am no threat to her, that she cheated on pin the tail on the donkey to win the game--did I tell her that's bad? No--I just listened. Personally, I wonder about the kind of things that go on to make her such a sneaky and manipulative child, it seems that she has a whole secret life hidden from adults. But really, don't most children?
Once she told me: "I don't know why they call America a free country, children aren't free. I am not allowed to drive; I hate school and my teacher put my name on the board for talking when I wasn't, and I can't eat what I want or go to sleep when I want. What's worse is my mother always orders me around. I'll make up a time of when to clean my room because it makes more sense to me and she tells me that I must do it right away or my friend will not be allowed to come over at all." And this is a seven year old talking! Growing up in a patriotic and semi-rural environment. I go "yeah," and talk back and forth with her. I don't think she can see that adulthood isn't really what it's cracked up to be.

So good. :)


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