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2013-05-14 12:01 am

taking the golden mean off-kilter... and retoxicated

So I lied (friends-only). I'm used to giving up easily on challenges, so the only thing I can do now is giving up on giving up.

One benefit of having a mind unencumbered by sri sri filters is that I let emotions run over me like reucurring tidal waves. Cases in point:

1) We went to see Le nombre d'or (Live) on Sunday (here's a video excerpt, if you want to get a sense of its texture). We had seen Marie Chouinard's bODY_rEMIX/gOLDBERG_vARIATIONS a few years ago, which was good, but admittedly F remembers more of it than I can. All you need to know: Marie Chouinard runs a pretty damn good contemporary dance company with a side of raunch.


2) I went to see Retox at Sneaky Dees. Retox is fronted by Justin Pearson from The Locust. If you know The Locust, you have a sense of the insanity that prevailed, sans organ. Just like The Locust, it was a short, tight set, but really intense. Before them was Foxmoulder, with a similar sound, from Toronto. Also pretty awesome. Once I put my glasses in a safe place I was spazzing out in front of the stage. Motionless Toronto crowds, you fucking suck. YOU SUCKK.

Anyway, I really got into both shows, in a way I would have not quite done so until recently. That was pretty good. Now I just have to keep the rage and personal attacks in check.
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2013-05-14 10:49 am

no buts

I need to remove the word "but" from my conversational vocabulary. It's a sledgehammer that displaces other people to set my ego firmly in the center.