Jan. 31st, 2013

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So, Bad Religion emailed me to let me know that their new album (True North) was coming out, so I pre-ordered the CD. Then when the album was released, they actually emailed me the MP3s first, and then a few days later I received the CD. Having already imported the MP3s in iTunes, I looked at the CD, kinda befuddled. I mean this is my favourite band, I have all their albums on CD, but now what? I looked at the songbook, full lyrics, but nothing special. So I put it on my CD shelf. Wheee. I may finally give up on CDs.

Not that I've been buying many of them... I've been buying lots of music online again recently. I've bought from iTunes when bands are big enough to be on there if I consider them small enough, but generally I've been buying from little known bands on bandcamp, and I torrent the bigger-name stuff if I want to listen to it. Artists pay Bandcamp 15% and PayPal extorts its regular fees. So basically this is the best goddamn site if you want to reward artists directly. I'll sometimes buy stuff someone recommends me before even listening to it, because I've pirated enough music, I'd like to throw money towards the music scenes I love.

Seriously, if I was releasing music on CD, I'd make the packaging special and sell it $20-30 a piece. Who cares about commodity jewel cases and songbooks? I mean, if I was already selling thousands of albums. If I was a penniless band I'd just do Bandcamp, unless I made one of those crazy spraypaint stencil things, or something unique for every order. I don't know. Do bands manage to sell a fair amount of CDs at concerts? The jewel case CDs could be useful there. I'd rather have people scan a QR code to download the music to their phone once they've paid me money. Or just send them an email with a link, just like Bandcamp does. Maybe sell the album with some physical trinket, like a postcard or a fancy pin? I still value the physical part of the transaction, to get something in hand...


frandroid: YPG logo, Syrian Kurdish defense forces (Default)

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