Sep. 26th, 2007

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Many people have been posting the Don't Tase Me Bro MC Hammer/Tasered student mix. Maybe the weird students idly standing by bugged you a little bit. Maybe, if you got more curious and offended, you went and checked out the disturbing unmixed, original video clip of the event, where you can see that the guy got taken away by four cops for basically hugging the mike, and then he got handcuffed and tasered for resisting being taken away (they can't call it resisting arrest, since they weren't arresting him, unless I missed the Miranda reading). Aren't tasers meant for hyperviolent but unarmed suspects that cops can't plausibly shoot a gun at but are too clumsily to arrest with their own bare hands, even if they over power him four to one?

Heather Mallick wrote about the incident.
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Manitoba holiday named for Louis Riel

I just had the most marvellous idea. The federal NDP promised a few more statutory holidays, and now the NDP in Manitoba is voting one of them. Now, I can't remember the Ontario NDP promising a new holiday, while the Liberals have done just that in their current election platform. I'm thinking about how, supposing that the NDP won (won't happen, but let's speculate here, or just replace the NDP with the party of your choice), they could work on acting on their electoral promises, and then act on some promises from the other parties, like this holiday idea. Of course, it's already a challenge to live up to one party's electoral promises, but things like statutory holidays don't cost billions. Come the following election, the NDP could come to the public and say: "Vote for us! We'll live up to our promises, plus those of our opponents!"

It's a sure winner.
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About 80% of Canadians have seen no improvement in their incomes since 1982. That’s astounding, because 1982 was during the worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Since the mid-1990s, the economy has been firing on all cylinders. After a decade of strong and sustained growth, our time should have arrived.

All the markers of economic success – low inflation, low unemployment, low interest rates, strong currency, no deficit budgets – are better than they’ve been for over 30 years. Our real output, as measured by inflation-adjusted GDP, is twice as big as it was in 1981. On the global stage,
Canada’s economic performance over the past decade has been the envy of the richest industrialized nations (the G7). This is as good as it gets.

All factors would lead us to assume that the majority of Canadians should be doing better than ever financially. That was, after all, the promise.

Instead, the inverse is happening: a surging economy has coincided with a process of redistributing incomes from the less affluent to the richest.

This is disconcerting, given that Canadians are playing by all the rules.

This generation of workers is better educated than the labour market of the early 1980s. People are working more. The average family raising children is clocking in 200 hours more a year than a decade ago.

Still, as the numbers show, the vast majority of people are just pedaling faster to stay put.

Few would begrudge the rich. But it’s hard to argue the system is working when only the richest 5% enjoy the spoils of economic progress…..and this is in the best of economic times.
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-- Armine Yalnizyan

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6pm, Thursday. I don't have other details right now, and I won't be there myself since I'll be working, but there you go, Torontonians.


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