Jul. 30th, 2007

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New Condo owners are killing College Street.

While I've lived on Clinton, really close to the heart of it, and not really enjoying the scene (or should I say, the "be-seen"), I didn't call the cops trying to shut the bars down. I moved elsewhere.

Last year, I think it was [livejournal.com profile] gordonzola that was posting an article about new condo owners moving into the Castro district in SF and complaining about some sex shop... like hello, gay district, if you don't like the gay, don't move in the gay. Same with College.

I also understand that there are a lot of people from outside the area that come there to have fun, but so what? These people knew the deal when they bought their units.

I was going to talk about gentrification, but I'm not even sure this is what this is... Maybe it's regentrification? I mean it's long been gentrified, but this is different. I guess eventually all this will be pushed to Queen West, unless the "Bohemian Embassadors" manage to close down the Drake and the Gladstone, or something.

Anyway, did I mention that even though I've live all but 2 weeks out of my 7 years in Toronto within walking distance of it, that I've loved the Cloak and Dagger when I went to it? It's on College but not in the aforementioned area, it's closer to Kensington market... Nice tiny Irish bar. Tons of good beers on tap, like 24 or something. I'm open to go there with anyone.

I need a Toronto icon. Does anyone have ideas?
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Two Uber Malarial videos from Uberdesi.com:
Filipino Inmates enact Thriller. Dude, if I'm jailed, I want to act like a zombie in an in-house music video re-enactment!

and Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi does Thriller. (via uberdesi entry above) The cheap synthesizer version of the music really adds to the mix.


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