May. 7th, 2007

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U.S.-speculated Canadian "spy coin" was Poppy quarter

"filled with something man-made that looked like nano-technology"

The POINT of nano-technology is that you cannot see it. Duh!

They did look at the coin with a high-powered microscope, but still. So much for American intelligence! We're really under the radar here, we should exploit this situation­.

Help me find with a cheeky LJ tag for "intelligence".
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Les jeunes militants voulaient dénoncer la FTQ
Changer le monde

So it turns out that the door of the occupied office was cut open with a circular saw, not a chain saw. Heh. The protesters were not anarchists, but communists. They were protesting the Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ)'s own hand in capitalism and imperialism, including its "Solidarity Fund" which is an investment fund that the union owns and manages. They say that they're not part of an established group, but rather an ephemeral grouping, coming together for this occupation.

Spontaneous actions are good, sometimes they're the sparkler the ignites bigger things, but organization is even better since it can provide a follow-up. Since they are now not entangled in the legal system (a blessing of this forceful "in-house" ejection), they are free to plan some other actions now, possibly with another group...
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I was not invited to the interview round for La Presse's summer internship. Boo.

Oh well. They strongly recommend applying again next year since many people apply more than once before getting it. Time to beef up my portfolio, and next year, to buy the Saturday edition of La Presse a few times ahead of the test in order to be more familiar with what's hot in Québec culture at that point.


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